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Manhattan prosecutors blame Trump organization and its finance chief, according to media reports Solidarity Political News

A Manhattan grand jury has been charged Trump And your CFO, Alan Weiselberg, Wednesday, in connection with a tax investigation, well-informed of the matter quoted CNN y The New York Times.

The specific allegations against the company and its CFO are not immediately clear, but are expected to be released this Thursday The New York Times.

If formalized, it would be the first court hearing against the Trump organization three years ago by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s Office. The New York State Attorney’s Office has another parallel investigation.

According to the Wall Street Journal published this morning, the allegations are related to alleged tax offenses related to various benefits and benefits offered to employees. According to the newspaper, Weiselberg is expected to be prosecuted for evading taxes on benefits received in his position (such as vehicles, tuition or shelter), but it has not been formally reported to the tax office.

Former President Trump is not expected to be charged, but prosecutors say the investigation is open. However, the allegations against Weisselberg are a blow to the former president, who has said the New York trial is part of a political retaliation against him.

In the process, if it can be proven that the practice of hiding these benefits from the treasury was more widespread than ever known, a fraud case could be filed against Trump’s company, along with its top executives, including their sons Trump.

“The biggest witch hunt in history”: Donald Trump responds to the appointment of a trial arbitrator

According to media reports, prosecutors accessed millions of page tax documents and other financial documents from January 2011 to August 2019, indicating that two years of Trump’s tenure were included. White House.

In May, Vance reportedly convened a large arbitral tribunal, which said the prosecution believed he had a strong case as a result of their investigation and wanted to defend it with the opinion of a larger arbitral tribunal.

Dual legal lead in New York

Initially, Vance investigated the money received by two women who allegedly had extramarital affairs with Trump before the 2016 presidential election campaign and damaged business documents.

In mid-May, the New York State Attorney General’s Office, Lydia James, who was already conducting a civil investigation into the former president’s company, Trump is criminally investigating the organization, In conjunction with the Manhattan District Attorney.

James is leading a criminal investigation into whether Trump’s company misreported property values ​​to guarantee loans and receive economic and tax breaks. His research focused A Trump office building in New York City, a hotel in Chicago and a golf course near Los Angeles.