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Conan Castro, Carolina Resinos, Walter Arazzo and Pablo Unligar are on the angel list of corrupt officials

Conan Castro, Carolina Resinos, Walter Arazzo and Pablo Unligar are on the angel list of corrupt officials

Senior Bookie officials and members of their close circle appear on the list of people involved in the scandal that led to the loss of US visas.

The first names on the Engel list have already been released, and as expected, the list of people involved in the scandal includes Salvadorian government officials, as well as characters related to human rights abuses and the rule of law.

This list, prepared and sent to Congress by the United States Executive, includes officials from the current administration and officials from previous administrations. These, according to Washington, face obstacles such as the cancellation of visas or financial transactions.

Officials view El Salvador as corrupt:

Walter Arajo, Former Supreme Court Magistrate. He threatened political candidates who had damaged the democratic process by rebelling against the legislature.

Pablo Unleaser, Former agriculture minister involved in significant corruption by allocating public funds for personal gain.

Conan Castro, The legal secretary to the presidency for attacking the democratic process by helping to illegally remove five judges of the Supreme Court and the attorney general.

Rolando Castro, Labor Minister has undermined democracy by blocking corruption investigations to the detriment of political rivals.

Osiris Moon, Director of Penal Centers, notable corruption related to government contracts and bribery during his tenure.

Osiris Luna and Rogelio Rivas. Photo EDH / MJSP

Jose Luis Merino, Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Investment and FMLN leader, for being linked to a notorious corruption, bribery and money laundering scheme.

Photo Archive. Jose Luis Merino (right)

Ezekiel Milla, Former mayor of La Union, sold Perigo Island to agents of the People’s Republic of China in exchange for personal interests for significant corruption and abuse of his power as mayor.

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Enrique Rice, A political operator, for undermining the democratic process by significant corruption and bribery of government officials.

Carolina resinos, Buckle’s chief of staff for significant corruption by abusing public funds for personal gain and participating in a money laundering scheme.

Carlos Reyes, An Arena deputy, to prevent corruption investigations and mislead the Supreme Court judges in their selection.

– Sigfrido Reyes, Former Speaker of the FMLN Legislature, for significant corruption, fraud and misuse of public funds.

Rogelio Rivas, Former Buccaneer Defense Minister, for committing significant corruption in allocating public funds for personal gain.

Adolfo Salom, For substantial corruption and for undermining the democratic process by bribing a Supreme Court magistrate to avoid paying fines.

Luis Guillermo Wellman, The judge of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, for undermining the democratic process by scheduling serious and unnecessary delays and results in the preparation of elections, as well as allowing China’s bad influence in the elections in Salvador.

Guillermo Wellman

Angle list

This list requires the purchase of a U.S. executive with the country’s congress to present a list of officials involved in corruption and human rights abuses in the northern triangle of the sub-region, which includes Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

The task of presenting this list arose in December 2020 at the initiative of then-Congressman Elliott Engel.

This legislator was one of the first to call the governments of Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador when they committed human rights abuses, attacked the press, threatened companies or attacked transparency.

Although Engel retired on January 20, 2021, his legacy is to create a list that will allow these legacies to be allowed and prevent future acts of corruption.

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Why is the United States fighting corruption in El Salvador?

See: List of people allegedly linked to corruption includes US President, former Buccaneer and Guillermo Gallicos

Corruption and human rights abuses are two pillars identified by the Joe Biden administration as factors that encourage and accelerate the irregular migration of Central Americans to its borders.

In his plan for Isthmus, commonly known as the Biden Plan, the fight against corruption and the strengthening of transparency are given priority. This is because the United States considers that the continued diversion of resources intended to combat the most practical needs of the population makes Salvadorans very vulnerable and that there is no other way but to make an unsafe trip to the United States.

In addition, the emphasis is on protecting human rights and strengthening democracy in the region, and Washington has sent two strong messages: It will work not only with governments, but also with civil society; And it will not be an accomplice to those who continue to engage in corruption.

In view of this promise, the United States Agency for International Cooperation (USAID) has already withdrawn its assistance to the National Civil Police, who helped carry out the conspiracy against the rule of law on May 1, and the Supreme Court and the Attorney General’s Office, which were seized by the ruling party on that day. Companies. Finally, they cut ties with the company to access public information, which is now being taken over and denied by the administrator.

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Washington has announced that the funds will be diverted to civil society organizations fighting corruption and democracy.

This is not a list

According to US officials, the list will continue to expand and the names will be known as different management bodies refer other cases to Congress.

More Salvador names are likely to join the list provided by the United States. Naib Bukel’s government has been widely isolated for having symptoms of corruption, especially in the first phase of the COVID-19 epidemic, when emergency spending in the country increased.

He has been accused of violating human rights, as well as arbitrary and illegal detentions that allegedly violated domestic isolation at the onset of the epidemic.

Engel List: Why is the United States Concerned about Corruption in El Salvador?

Finally, the United States has consistently called on the government to attack democracy and the rule of law. Recently, officials of the rank of Foreign Secretary or Vice President Kamala Harris summoned the government for the unlawful removal of the Constitution Room and the Attorney General.