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Make jokes even in the worst moments

Make jokes even in the worst moments

Popocatépetl, photo taken in San Nicolás de los Ranchos, Puebla, Mexico, on May 23 this year. (Raphael Duran/AFP)

Popocatépetl volcano has been the subject of discussion in Mexico for the past few days. Not for less: now Don Joyo located in Stage 3 yellow traffic light. At this level, it is conceivable that there may be airspace problems, ash emission in nearby areas and volcanic fragments around the volcano. The intensity of the explosions intensified and prompted the army to mobilize in the states that share borders with the Arab Republic of Egypt defecate In the event that evacuation is necessary.

The volcanic activity caused a total of 363 flights to be canceled on Saturday and 403 flights to be delayed at Mexico City International Airport. Sunday’s figure was 20 canceled and 401 delayed. The ash thrown by the volcano reached the states of Mexico, Puebla and Morelos. From May 22nd to May 23rd, 22 emissions were recorded, According to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred) jointly with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The situation calls for caution, because the next level to the third yellow phase is red, which in turn is split into two levels, but from its first step already carries a high risk of outbreak and consequent evacuation of those living in areas where it can be accessed by Eruption Road. However, as is well known, Mexico memes and jokes are the order of the day for any situation, even anxiety-inducing ones – or rather, especially when they are disturbing.

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There really is everything and Twitter can attest to this: from those who remember the classic joke that it would be nice to cover the crater with cement to fix everything (yes, it’s a joke, don’t take it seriously); More than practical solutions have also been proposed: well, throw water on Popocatépetl and that’s it. And on TikTok, creativity has moved to levels that, let’s face it, are undeniably comic, as a clip ends up being PoeblanikWhere, apparently, the scene of the sinking of the Titanic from the famous Leonardo movie was reproduced and Kate Winslet.

There was also no shortage of jokes hinting at the sentimental bond that, according to Tlaxcalan tradition, the current names are volcanoes: But what is Iztaccíhuatl waiting for to say to Popocatépetl ‘Look at me, look at me, you’re not, I know you, don’t worry’. Creativity cannot be lacking when it comes to Mexico and its sorrows, to levels that make everyone blush with its shame… Those who do not know Mexican humor: Closer to Valentin Elizalde than Luis Miguel.

Kidding aside, the photography pros who manage to take pictures of the defecate in the last days. And there was room for plagiarism, unfortunately. Photographer Sara Alvarez, who documented how she moved with her team to a nearby area to get photos of the volcano, revealed on her Twitter account that she claimed one of her photos was as if it was her (and worst of all, because if that wasn’t enough of a joke, he made up a story “to describe How did he get the pictures?

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Given the tense scenario, there is nothing better than laughing and paying attention to any news. Official information on Popocatépetl Volcano activity can be found at www.gob.mx/cenapred and CNPC_MX via Twitter. And memes… well, they can be referenced anywhere you like.

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