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Magistrate Avilas: "He wrote a resignation for me and asked me to sign it, because this is the best thing."

Magistrate Avilas: “He wrote a resignation for me and asked me to sign it, because this is the best thing.”

Carlos Avilas, the only magistrate in the Constituent Assembly, did not resign; For this reason, he has received calls from unknown numbers, asked to sign his unwritten resignation letter, and colorful vehicles driving to his family home.

Carlos Sergio Avilas is the only magistrate who has not resigned from the Supreme Court’s constitutional chamber since being attacked on May 1 by Nike Buccal’s legislature.

In an interview with Factum magazine journalist Jessica Avalos, Avilas admitted that she received a call from someone related to the events after the Chamber conspiracy. “He told me he had resigned and please sign for him because it was the best thing. He made it clear that he did not know what he meant by this, he only followed the guidelines.”

The revelations of the magistrate coincided with a series of resignation letters, which the rest of the judges later shared with the public. These letters had the same form. Changed the name of the person who resigned.

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It did not take many hours for the Chamber to return to its first report; When the legislature fired the judges, they declared the move “unconstitutional.” But a few hours later they resigned.

Avilles admitted to having multi-colored vehicles parked in front of his parents’ house. “They stay for a while, no one gets off, and then they leave,” he said.

Before the head of the Supreme Court could resign, a police patrol spent hours parked in front of the lawyer’s house. Although Avilas did not dare to classify the truth as a compulsion to his resignation, he made it clear that he could not separate himself from what had happened.

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But what worries Judge Avilas the most is that the country is moving towards “total disruption of judicial freedom and imposition of homogeneous thinking.”

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Buckell’s legislature voted unanimously to disagree with the views of others. After May 1, prosecutors acknowledge that the losses are related to legal guarantees and judicial guarantees. In addition to civil liberties.

But if Magistrate Avilles had any certainty, after the resignation of his former colleagues, it would be “synchronization.” “We issued a statement and with subsequent actions we had to support it, that is, we had to continue to act as a chamber, handing out punishments. ”.

Buckell moved his opponent to the Supreme Court after halting the arbitrary ways of dealing with the epidemic.

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (CSJ) declared that it was unconstitutional in which Buccaneer sought to restrict the movement of Salvadorans at risk of being detained by the police and the military and was forced to spend at least 30 days under a central control.

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Similarly, it declared that the steps taken by the government to open up the economy were unconstitutional. Buckell announced re-opening dates and will postpone them every 15 days. As a result, more than 60,000 layoffs and hundreds of Salvadorans took to the streets under the white flag.