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Cuba: Reasons for Cuban Omar Garcia Lasso's expulsion from Colombia - Intelligence

Cuba: Reasons for Cuban Omar Garcia Lasso’s expulsion from Colombia – Intelligence

Cuban boy Omar Rafael Garcia Lasso Landed in Colombia in January 2018 and immediately began to cause concern in some sectors.

Initially, from his position as First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Bogot, he began to pull the strings for his country’s medical work to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Then it relates to him The Colombian Movement for Solidarity with Cuba, Which rejected the US inclusion in the list of states that finance terrorism.

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But, in parallel and secret to some, he began to play roles that had nothing to do with his diplomatic mission.

The Colombian foreign ministry limited itself this Friday, saying, “It has been verified that the country is growing Inappropriate activities With rules Vienna Conference Diplomatic Relations ”. Therefore, he was expelled.

But EL TIEMPO learned first-hand information, and accordingly received warnings about actions that could attempt to explode dissent within specific Colombian objectives. Instability.

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Cuban Omar Rafael Garcia Lasso landed in Colombia in January 2018 and immediately began to cause concern in some sectors.

‘Mass movements’

“The talks reached in the forums are one of the channels of youth movements and activities in the universities where they talk about the revolution and Generation relief Through the mass movement, ”says a source familiar with the case.

In fact, TIME installed it For 4 months, The government was evaluating the action related to Garcia Lasso.

“Two Russian embassy officials were expelled for spying on the same day,” the source said. By then they were evaluating Alleged activities of influence and behavior Through broadcast channels on sites like WhatsApp.

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Eln and attack alert

However, Garcia Lasso appears in calls for speeches for students National University And a Bachelor of Social Communication at the University of Havana and a Master of Education in International Relations in academic circles.

In addition, he was a member of the Department of International Relations Central Committee of the Communist Party And a member of the Cuban Press Association.

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Cuban worker in Bogot,

Jose Luis Bones Caraballo, Cuba’s ambassador to Colombia.

Cuba responded immediately to the Garcia Lasso case. Eugenio Martinez Enriquez, The Caribbean Director-General of the Foreign Ministry of Latin America and Cuba summoned the Colombian ambassador and issued a “strong verbal note” of protest.

This chapter connects on the already tense relations between the two countries In the presence of Eln chief on the island; To the intelligence information that the guerrillas allegedly carried out the attack that Havana never wanted to share with Colombia.

However, the Colombian Foreign Ministry said: “Despite the circumstances, Colombia’s goal is to win. Diplomatic and Cooperative Relationship With the Republic of Cuba ”.

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