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Maduro supports Russia's "decisive action" in Ukraine

Maduro supports Russia’s “decisive action” in Ukraine

(CNN) – The Kremlin says Russian President Vladimir Putin shared an assessment of the current situation in Ukraine during a telephone call with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday.

Vladimir Putin stressed that the objectives of the special military operation were to protect the citizens of the Donbass, to recognize the Donbass Democratic Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic of Kiev, as well as Russian sovereignty over Crimea, militarization and the destruction of the Ukrainian state. And guarantees its neutrality and non-nuclear status, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“Nicolas Maduro expressed strong support for Russia’s decisive action, condemned the instability of the United States and NATO, and stressed the importance of resisting the propaganda of lies and misinformation launched by Western nations,” the reading said.

Possible scenarios for the Russian economy after the invasion of Ukraine 3:34

Both parties agreed to maintain contacts at various levels between Venezuela and Russia.

On February 25, after the Russian occupation of Ukraine, the Maduro government Issued a statement In it he “expressed his concern about the worsening crisis in Ukraine and regrets the mockery and violation of NATO’s Minsk agreements.”

“The derailment of these agreements violates international law and poses strong threats to the Russian Federation, its territorial integrity and sovereignty and good relations between our neighbors,” the statement said. That was questioned by the President.

Venezuela has called for a return to the “diplomatic understanding” path to avoid escalation.