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Dean oversees Musk's private jet now pursues Russian oligarchs

Dean oversees Musk’s private jet now pursues Russian oligarchs

(CNN Business) –– Jack Sweeney, Florida teen Elon Musk’s personal jet tracks onlineHas a new goal related to aviation: oligarchy and Millionaires Russians.

19 years old Musk turned down a $ 5,000 offer to delete his Twitter account, Recently introduced two new automatic Twitter handles following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It’s about profiles. RUOligarchJets And டி Putinjet, They have already amassed nearly 300,000 followers. These accounts, along with maps showing their location, issue direct notices of the movements of individual aircraft.

Sweeney told the press The Wall Street Journal People have been asking him for a long time to open Twitter accounts like this. He added that those demands increased after sanctions were targeted Russia is rich.

Russia’s oligarchy faces economic turmoil domestically and Western sanctions following President Vladimir Putin’s ordering his forces into Ukraine. The United States and its allies have retaliated with actions against the rich close to the Kremlin.

These are the consequences of sanctions on Russia 1:21

Some of the planes that tracked Sweeney’s accounts included Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, businessman Alisher Usmanov and Russian gas producer Novotech’s billionaire president Leonid Michaelson.

In an interview BloombergSweeney said he was amazed at the size of the aircraft used by Russian oligarchs.

“The planes that these oligarchs have are absolutely insane,” Sweeney said. The rich of the country travel on commercial scale planes like Airbus A319 and Boeing 737. “Their planes are big compared to other jets,” he said.

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In total, the accounts track more than 40 aircraft and helicopters affiliated with Russian oligarchs. Sweeney has invited others to help increase the number of tracking flights.

Sweeney’s Twitter account monitoring Musk’s jet is still active. In that sense, he said The Wall Street Journal He will only remove her in exchange for a new Tesla Model 3.