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Two Dominican women on the list of most powerful women in NY

Two Dominican women on the list of most powerful women in NY

Two principles Dominican 100 people have been added to the list Very powerful women From New York That the magazine publishes every year City State.

The Creole shares the list with Governor Kathy Hochul, Alexandria Occasio-Cortes, Attorney General Letidia James and the city’s first lady Sirlene McGray.

Only eight Latin women made it to the top of the “Power of Diversity: Women 100” list of activists, businessmen, politicians and virtues.

“This list recognizes key women in power across the state New York. Our study looks at how influential everyone is and how they use it to shape the political landscape. New York”, The press pointed out.

Two girls Dominican They are Carmen de la Rosa and Carines Reyes. The two share 19th place with legislator Ladoya Joiner.

Carmen de la Rosa was born into a Dominican Samana and emigrated at a very young age. New YorkEspecially in Upper Manhattan, where he lived his whole life.

Dominican has twice won the election for the legislature of District 72, which was vacant after he announced his candidacy for Councilor for District 10, and Ydanis Rodríguez, who is now the city’s transportation commissioner, has been in office for 12 years.

De la Rosa “played a key role in recognizing the imposed labor fund, supporting undocumented workers. New York”, City & State wrote.

For his part, Karines Reyes was elected to the state legislature New York In 2019, he moved with his mother to the Bronx County when he was six years old from the Las Minas neighborhood in eastern Santo Domingo.

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He was a nurse by profession, and set aside the state legislature to begin caring for patients with Govt-19 disease during epidemics.

The Dominican sponsored an important piece of legislation signed into law this year. That is the law of the knight New YorkFor this, employers must implement COVID-19 security measures.

City & State recently released a list of the most influential and powerful politicians in NY, where four Dominican politicians were able to enter.

They are Adriano Espilot, Yatanis Rodriguez, Henry Carrido and Antonio Rhinoso.

City & State, a political press organization New York. The company publishes a weekly magazine covering the city’s politics and government, which is distributed to legislators, district administrators, municipalities, congressional representatives, city council members, and other business leaders worldwide. New York.

She holds a degree in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Santo Domingo and a Masters Degree in Journalism from the University of Puerto Rico. He is currently coordinating the Diario Libre USA section on issues of Dominican immigration and the United States.