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Machado mobilizes a crowd in support of Gonzalez Urrutia – DW – 06/29/2024

Machado mobilizes a crowd in support of Gonzalez Urrutia – DW – 06/29/2024

Leader of the opposition in Venezuela Maria Corina Machado Thousands of supporters gathered on Friday (06/28/2024) in the state of Tachira (border with Colombia), in a mass event to support the candidacy of the former ambassador Edmundo Gonzalez UrrutiaThis is a month before the presidential elections.

Machadowho began his tour of several towns in Táchira on Thursday, June 27, ended his day with a convoy of vehicles in San Cristóbal, the capital of the region, followed by a long journey in a truck from which he received thousands of Venezuelans. I stood in the streets to watch it pass.

EFE found that several streets in the city were filled with people chanting slogans in favor of the former deputy, who was banned from participating in the elections due to an administrative penalty, so it decided to support González Urrutia as the candidate of the country’s largest anti-Chavista coalition (United Democratic Party).

Machado calls for an end to “Chavismo”

Although in Thursday’s activities the opposition delivered several speeches calling for an end to Chavismo, which has been in power since 1999, Friday’s march, which was broadcast on its social media profiles, did not include any statement.

During the slow journey of the truck, which was making its way through the crowd, Machado received a video call from González Urrutia, who showed him part of the commotion, as well as the greetings and banners of the fans.

Some politicians present at the activity, such as former representative Juan Pablo Guaniba, mentioned on the social network

In parallel, the governor of Tachira, Freddy Bernal, has led a missionary movement in the region in favor of President Nicolás Maduro, who will seek a third six-year term in July elections.

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mg (EFE, El Nacional)

“Support for the excluded candidate is necessary.”

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