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Machado: It is very dangerous for officials in the military high command to spread false information

Machado: It is very dangerous for officials in the military high command to spread false information

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado Described as “extremely dangerous” he published a message from the head of the Strategic Operations Command of the National Armed Forces (Ceofanb), Domingo Hernandez Larez, who shared in a post in X photos of a doctored video of the winner of the October 22 elections. 2023 primaries.

It is very dangerous for senior military leadership officials to spread false information “What they themselves know is not true about my position towards the national armed forces,” he said on Sunday, June 23.

On his account Fanb, Cicpc and Dgimthese last two bodies of criminal investigation and military counterintelligence.

However, the site specializing in verification and disinformation, Cazadores de Fake News, reported that a video clip in which Machado participated in political activity had been manipulated, but the list in it was clean. This is a post that the same politician published on her X account on June 15.

Another photo from Efe News Agency shows the blank slate when María Corina Machado speaks at a meeting with opposition political agents on June 15. Photo: EFE/Ronald Peña R.

“The most dangerous thing about the incident is that the Supreme Military Authority’s tweet received more than 5,500 retweets and more than 6,800 likes, most of which were from accounts run by military officials. Many of them will never find out that this is “fake news,” as they said that same Saturday afternoon when checking out Hernandez Larez’s post.

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Machado’s message to the fan

Machado submitted a letter to the Army on Sunday.

“Members of the Venezuelan military family know that in the new Venezuela they will have a future of dignity, security and respect.”

He added: “We will ensure that Venezuelans feel proud and confident in the national armed forces, which, under a democracy, will be well trained and equipped according to the real threats facing our nation, and will be rewarded according to their commitment and high responsibility.” “Appropriate for its mission of defending national sovereignty, and internationally recognized.”

Ceofanb is responsible for guarding voting centers during elections in Venezuela, as it deploys soldiers in schools that serve as electoral colleges, and among its responsibilities is guarding machines and other equipment for the automated voting system.

Fake news hunters explained that at least four important accounts linked to the Bolivarian National Armed Forces shared false information about Hernandez Larez. One of them is from TV Fanb, the Venezuelan state’s military television station.

Others were Fanb components such as the army and militia.

The site added at 1:26 p.m. on June 23: “Updated 06/23/24: Indeed, the tweet of the FANB Executive Leader containing the fake news of @mariakorinaiabypass 16,000 retweets And the 468,000 views“.