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MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the M2 chip are equally powerful

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the M2 chip are equally powerful

Benchmark testing with Geekbench 5 demonstrates the power and performance of the new MacBook Air M2

Apple has launched two new computers to welcome its new M2 processor, MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro M2. And while there is a difference between the ranges in which the MacBook Pro excels, a new test shows that the new MacBook Air has improved a lot with this revamp and there are a lot of similarities in performance.

through the past WWDC 2022Apple introduced the new M2 chip and the new MacBooks that will carry it. Currently, both Now available for purchase This situation has been taken advantage of to run tests that allow other interested parties to learn more about these computers before choosing which one to buy.

Twitter user, Mr. Macintosh posted One of the first Geekbench tests Use as a reference to learn more about the power and benefits of these MacBooks. The a test It showed that despite the fact that the MacBook Pro M2 is considered to be a higher range, the MacBook Air M2 arrived with very good performance.

The Results It showed that the MacBook Air M2 scores 1,899 in working with a single core and 8,965 in a multi-core score. The 13-inch MacBook Pro scored 1,919 single cores and 8,928 multiple cores.

MacBook Air M2 results

MacBook Air M2 Geekbench 5 results

As you can see, the difference is very small. Although the MacBook Pro M2 shows its class, the truth is that the MacBook Air M2 comes with very good specifications, as confirmed by Apple Differences and advantages of the M2 chip compared to the M1 chip And that With MacBook Air M2 confirmedBecause the company’s new processor delivered great power and performance to this redesigned PC.

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At the present time it is known that The company is working on at least 4 new computers that have better variants of this M2 processor and project Apple Silicon will continue It offers surprises like those found in these new MacBooks.