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Lupillo Rivera withdraws the lawsuit against Maribelli |  Showbiz

Lupillo Rivera withdraws the lawsuit against Maribelli | Showbiz

The request does not go.

Lupillo Rivera has halted his intentions to sue Maripily Rivera, Rodrigo Romeh and Ariadna Gutiérrez for alleged defamation during the fourth season of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF).


Lupillo Rivera, the third finalist of La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF), once again questioned the outcome of the fourth season of “Reality Sh…


After Lupillo Rivera’s warnings to Maribelly Rivera, telling her that they will see each other “a few times” once Season 4 ends…

During the television exchange, the Puerto Rican, the Mexican and the Colombian described the singer as a “mistreater,” a “manipulator” and a “gang member,” which prompted Toro del Corrido to warn them that “the laws of defamation are very clear,” referring to a possible lawsuit. .

After the conclusion of the “reality show” on May 20, in which Huracan Boricua won, followed by Rumé, the performer, who came in third place, did not participate in the media tour of the Telemundo network.

In an interview with rival network Univisión, he insisted on suing Maribelli.

“We are talking with a legal team to see if we can take this action,” he said on Despierta América.

But a month later, Lobelo confirmed that he preferred to focus on his career and abandoned the idea of ​​taking his case to court.

“What Maribelli said, what Rumé said, what Ariadna said, did not affect me at all. The fans laughed, the fans had fun, and the fans called the three nicknames. I cannot control what my fans say. But I will continue,” Rivera said in an interview with Molosco TV. “My life, I will continue the good things that happened after La Casa de los Famosos.”

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According to the Mexican, he already has offers to participate in several television projects between this year and next year, in addition to recording new musical songs.

According to what he told Molesco, he was asked to be part of La Voz México and Telemundo wants him to be a host or judge on a music reality show in pre-production. You also have the possibility of The House of the Famous All Stars.

“For me, this tells me that they keep me busy and that it is more profitable,” he noted.

“I knew Maribelli would win.”

On the other hand, Lupillo said in the more than two-hour interview with the Puerto Rican that he always knew that Maribeli would be the winner of the LCDLF tournament.

However, it should be noted that from the first weeks of the competition, Lupillo tried to eliminate the Puerto Rican by implementing strategies with some of his teammates. At one point she even said that José “La Milaza” Reyes was the one who could eliminate her and the week before the final, Aleska told Genesis that they would be the first and second place winners.

However, in the conversation with Jorge “Molosco” Pabon, he stated that “he knew that Maribelli would never go out. I knew that Maribelli would reach first, second or third place.


“Instead of coming to the House of Representatives to act like an artist, he acts like a gang member, and that’s the worst thing,” the Puerto Rican said.



Jose Reyes, known as “La Milaza”, who was eliminated from La Casa de los Famosos (LCDLF), apologized to Puerto Rico for the way he…

On the other hand, he demonstrated that he never felt physically attracted to the Puerto Rican businesswoman, with whom he slept in the same bed for a week, due to a dilemma imposed by La Jeeva.

Launch of the song “Makoumba”

“I never knew how to say that there are ugly women. All women around the world are beautiful, and there are beautiful women, which is a completely different thing. There are women who have money and are beautiful. But all women are beautiful. I had no attraction to Maribelli,” he added. Not at all, and I’m not wrong in saying that because it’s my taste.”

On the other hand, he confirmed that he would soon release a song called Macumba, but stressed that it had nothing to do with Hurricane Boricua, even though it is the name by which many residents used to disparagingly refer to Puerto Rican women, especially La. Milaza.