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Actor de "Luis Miguel, la serie" denuncia que Diego Boneta lo golpeó brutalmente

‘Luis Miguel’ actor denounces brutal beating of Diego Bonita

Spanish actor Martin Belo, who plays Uncle Tito in the series “Luis Miguel”, has confirmed that he will legally proceed against actor Diego Bonita, after he allegedly attacked him during the series’ tapings in February 2020.

Bello denounced that during the filming of one of the scenes in which Luis Miguel and his uncle quarreled, everything got out of hand and Bonita caused him “injuries, bruises and contractures of all kinds.”

According to Tv y Novelas magazine, the Spanish actor will seek “financial compensation” for the medical expenses he had to face due to the consequences left by Boneta.

(I got hit) during a scene She tells Luis Miguel (Diego Bonita) what happened with his mother. We rehearsed for the scene, but in the end Diego Bonita shocked me and sent me to the hospital,” Martin Bello told the magazine.

According to the actor’s story, the scene had to be repeated several times, because it did not happen as the director expected. It is the part in which Martin Belo “Tito” in the novel is supposed to tell him the truth of what happened with the mother of the Mexican sun and there they quarrel, and ends when Luis Miguel throws the uncle of his life.

He also explained that he realized this after the attacks She had many bruises on her skin, which she showed in the makeup room.

After the event, he said he asked Diego Bonita to fix it, go eat tacos and there they explained it, but the Mexican refused.

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During another conversation with Los ngeles de la Mañana, Bello shared details of the ordeal he experienced with Boneta.

“I didn’t give my consent to make a scene one of those characteristics. In general, that’s agreed because there has to be communication (between the actors) in order for it to be handled well, marked, done right, as we did with (Oscar) Jaenada in season one , “He said.

“I was slapped in the face, he pulled me from the skin, and he hit my head against the wall and I’m still treating my neck so that I don’t suffer from chronic pain and lack of movement in my arms,” ​​he said. Bello, who also said he had “all the corresponding medical reports.”

“There were 10 clips and there was a moment when the manager asked me to make the sentences higher because Diego screamed so much and no one heard me.”