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Lorna Cepeda, “Billetenida”, and the dark chapter of her life that led her to the Virgin of Guadalupe

Lorna Cepeda, “Billetenida”, and the dark chapter of her life that led her to the Virgin of Guadalupe

Lorna Cepeda. (Photo by: Billy Coleman/Telemundo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) (Telemundo via Getty Images)

Written by Sandra Lucario. Despite the success of the TV series “Yo soy Betty, la fea”, there are certainly those who know Lorna Cepeda more as “La Peliteñida” than by her first name. More than 20 years ago, the Colombian actress played Patricia Fernandez, the “hateful” woman who said “Poverty breathes down my neck, Marcy,” but insisted on pretending otherwise.

Patricia Fernandez is an authority on Colombian soap operas. The way she stroked her hair, her sad tone, and how she said “disgraceful” are just some of the quirks by which Latino audiences remember her. But the success it achieved did not make it immune from going through moments of crises, some of which were economic or financial. Others are health and other professionals.

“I was in shit”

The actress had to experience first-hand some of the situations that the movie “La Peliteñida” is associated with. In a recent interview, he admitted that at one point he was “in the dirt” (he didn’t even have the money to buy a bus).

In her presentation, she mentioned several times that she is an “empowered, self-confident, mega-millionaire, debt-free” woman, but she also admitted that after the breakup (she was married to Eduardo Paz from 1990 to 2003) she went through a difficult phase. A difficult time because she was in debt: “Imagine, with three children, on my own, plus I was unemployed for a long time.”

The actress blamed her accountant for his poor work due to the debt she had a few years ago with the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs of Colombia (DIAN): “And suddenly, from one moment to the next they told me that I was in debt. I did not do that.” I knew what I was owed, and it turns out there was a lot of interest, and a lot of hardship.

Although she did not provide details on how she managed to get out of the problem, she indicated that people from DIAN helped her. Although she thanked them for not taking her prisoner, she said she complained to them at the time: “But you have to charge more money than people who owe so much more money than me, it must be insignificant to you.” He remembers telling them.

He also noted that to get out of this economic downturn that he never thought he would overcome, he turned to the Virgin of Guadalupe: “In fact, she went there, to Mexico, and there I said to her: Please, I ask you for these three things.” The actress admitted that everything she asked for had been achieved and confirmed: “I recommend it (buying a ticket and traveling to Mexico City),” she told broadcaster Juanpez González Pombo.

Your cancer diagnosis

It has been 7 years since then, and after several medical examinations, Lorna Cepeda received terrible news: her doctors informed her that she had skin cancer. The actress had suffered from cancer on two previous occasions, when her mother and son Nathaniel were afflicted with the same disease.

Although his mother could not survive, her son miraculously survived. According to the actress, a few days before the surgery, they performed some tests that changed the course of history: Nathaniel, who was 7 years old at the time, “somehow, no longer had traces of cancer.”

When they found out she had melanoma, it was “very difficult. I don’t think I could go any further. I was so serious about everything.” The actress said her trust in God prompted her to talk to him and ask him that if she could survive, he would keep her “perfectly healthy.”

The miracle came one day while he was bedridden, when he felt his hands pressing on the wound. He noted that during the medical examination, The doctors told him: “It seems he never had anything before.”. He has since undergone “magnifying glass” examinations.

Lorna Cepeda.  (Photo by: Billy Coleman/Telemundo/NBCU Image Bank via Getty Images)

Lorna Cepeda. (Photo by: Billy Coleman/Telemundo/NBCU Image Bank via Getty Images) (Telemundo via Getty Images)

His beginnings in acting

Another difficult moment for Lorna Cepeda was her first steps in acting. The actress began her career in the Colombian television series “Fathers and Children.” Although it was an “impressive school,” he pointed out that it was part of the credits “for being false.” When they asked her if she had experience, she said yes, but “obviously I’ve never done anything in my life, not even mime, just in school.”

Since he hadn’t auditioned and at no point did they ask for proof of his resume, they gave him the role. The actress pointed out that thanks to her good memory, punctuality, and attention, she was able to move forward. She explained that she was afraid and wanted to run away, but the director was kind to her and she finally said her lines in the frame.

“Everything went well, I said: ‘No, I’m a great actress. This is my thing,'” the actress recalls.

However, the moment of truth came when he had to act in the movie Dulce Martirio. The actress admitted that the production staff were very annoyed with her because “I was there as if I had never done anything with my life.” After a few days of frustration, she was able to continue her artistic career thanks to actress Silvia de Dios, who invited her to take acting lessons with the Colombian actor and theater director Alfonso Ortiz.

The future of Patricia Fernandez

Lorna Cepeda is currently in the middle of recording the second part of Yo soy Betty, la fea, a television series created by Fernando Gaitan.

On her Instagram account, which has 3.1 million followers, Lorna keeps in direct contact with her fans, to whom she shows what her daily life is like and allows them to see the relationship she has with the film’s actors. Bring Ana María Orozco and Jorge Enrique Abello back to the small screen.

At the end of September, the public was able to confirm that the new production will also bring back Marcella Valencia, Hugo Lombardi, Aura Maria, Hermes Pinzón and, of course, Patricia Fernandez.

It won’t be until 2024 when it starts streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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