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Andrea Meza caught everyone’s attention in a short latex dress

Andrea Meza caught everyone’s attention in a short latex dress

Andrea Meza She still has feelings running high after her boyfriend and fiancé Ryan Proctor asked her a few days ago to marry him in one of the couple’s most private venues in Manhattan.

The couple showed the emotional moment on social media as they were smiling and falling in love after returning from a vacation in Greece and taking that important step towards cementing their love forever.

“I can’t believe everything that just happened. I didn’t expect this to happen, I didn’t see it coming,” the former Miss Universe admitted in a post after receiving her engagement ring.

And the celebrations do not stop, because the beauty pageant contestant used her account IInstagram pTo share the picture that we can see Andrea Meza wears a short latex dress in which she catches everyone’s attention.

Instagram @andreamezamx

“Now he calls me his fiancée and I’m obsessed,” the former Miss Universe wrote, making her excitement and happiness about her recent engagement even clearer.

The post was a huge event on social media and has already surpassed a staggering 27,000 likes and comments filled with congratulations from my followers. Andrea Meza They didn’t wait.

Instagram @andreamezamx

“Let’s show off the ring”, “Beautiful”, “Congratulations Andrea, beautiful”, “Every stage of your life will always be the best!”, are some of the phrases that netizens left for the former beauty queen on her account. Instagram.

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