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Logan Paul Scam: He Spent $3.5 Million on Fake Pokemon Cards

Logan Paul Scam: He Spent $3.5 Million on Fake Pokemon Cards

The controversial Youtube Logan Paul He was the victim of a millionaire scam.

Last year, Paul bought a fund of first generation Pokémon cards worth $3.5 million, becoming the person to have spent the most on Pokémon cards in history.

Just Drop $3,500,000 On This Sealed & Pokemon Cards First Edition Certified Chest 😯 pic.twitter.com/rMY2bVnKV2

And[مدش]. Logan Paul December 20 2021

YouTube posted a video on its channel on January 13 in it He reveals that he was defrauded and that at least one of the chests he purchased had no Pokemon cards inside, but GI Joe’s trading cards.

The box was not purchased directly by Paul, but by a man named Matt, who paid $2.7 million for it at an eBay Canada auction. Matt was the one who later sold it to YouTubers for $3.5 million.

Although Paul acquired the group in 2020, the YouTuber did not open the box because supposedly there was only this unopened group in the whole world and he didn’t want to spoil it. However, after receiving Various user posts and forums Noting that it could definitely be a scam, the YouTuber decided to check it out.

In the posted video (which has crossed two million views in less than 24 hours), Paul opens the box in a Chicago hotel with two card authenticators the YouTuber usually works with and the man who sold the box to him. Opening it, they find that in each pack there are no Pokemon cards, but cards (infinitely less valuable) from the GI Joe franchise.

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Paul did not say in the video whether he would claim damages from the endorsement company that agreed to the purchase or whether he would report the original seller for fraud.

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