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Live broadcast: Marathon and Motagua draw 0-0 in Yankel Rosenthal-Dies

Live broadcast: Marathon and Motagua draw 0-0 in Yankel Rosenthal-Dies

Welcome to the Minute by Minute Marathon vs. Motagua!

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the game: Marathon – Motagua

29′ Marathon and Motagua played respect for each other. Both had an approach but without much danger.

Greetings between Diego Vazquez and Tato Garcia, technicians from Motagua and Marathon.

19 ‘ Ufff Walter Martínez hit the tire but Kervin Arriaga put his head in and sent it to a corner kick. Save the green.

13′ Brutal foul by Mario Martinez vs. Walter “Colucho” Martinez. A very cruel mistake and Motagua player Marcelo Pereira is being warned about the complaints.

12′ Motagua tries to catch the ball but Marathon doesn’t let him do anything. Claims from Roberto Moreira to Said Martinez.

5′ Marathon has started a great activity in the Motagüense area. Kervin Arriaga sent himself a confused tone that didn’t bother Marlon Likuna.

Long fan ranks remain outside Yankel Rosenthal.

1 ‘ Before the first minute was up, Jason Sanchez made a starting error that almost cost Motagua the goal; Edwin Solani’s shot went to Marlon Lecona.

¡I started! Marathon and Motagua are in jeopardy at Yankel Rosenthal.

Players enter the field of play for the duel between Marathon and Motagua.

Sylvain Guevara, who was not called, entered the stadium with his pregnant fiancée.

Marathon lineup: 25 Dinovan Torres; 2 John Paul Soazo, 15 Alans Vargas, 23 Matias Teixeira, 7 Emilio Izaguirre; 33 Kervin Arriaga, 65 Isaac Castillo, 10 Mario Martínez, 30 Edwin Solano; 9 Frelys López and 20 Ovidio Lanza.

alternates: Harold Fonseca, Wilmer Crisanto, Adrian Ramirez, Luis Vega, Giancarlo Vargas, Christian Calix, Rainier Mallorkin, Brian Castillo, Carlo Costelli.

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Motagua lineup: Marlon Lekona Diego Rodriguez, Carlos Melendez, Marcelo Pereira and Christopher Melendez; Jason Sanchez, Walter Martinez, Matias Galvalles, Carlos Fernandez; Roberto Moreira and Evan Lopez.

alternates: Jonathan Roger. Fabricio Galindo, Wesley Decas, Juan Ramon Gomez, Giovanni Boso, Juan Angel Delgado, Kevin Lopez, Diego Usqui, Jesse Moncada, Marcelo Santos, Jose Voilafranca and Omar Elver.

Both teams arrive undefeated in this duel. Marathon comes from a 0-1 win over Deriangen, 1-2 over Honduran Progreso and 5-1 over UBN. While the Blues defeated Platense 3-0 and Victoria 0-1.

The match begins at 3:00 p.m. at Yankel Rosenthal.

A series between the blues and the ferulagas.

Historic streak: 227 games: Motagua won 87 games, Marathon won 70 games, tied 70 games

Series in Yankel: 19 games: Marathon won 7, Motagua won 7 and won 5

Motagua adds 8 unbeaten matches with the Marathon, and also accumulates 4 consecutive victories over the Greens

Motagua has a good track record of playing with Yankel Rosenthal.

Welcome to the minute by minute match for the third date of Apertura 2021 between Marathon and Motagua. They open today.