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Lisa Blanco leaves the hospital after undergoing surgery in the United States (video)

Lisa Blanco leaves the hospital after undergoing surgery in the United States (video)

After undergoing surgery in the United States, Dominican media personality Lisa Blanco was released from the hospital. This was revealed through her official Instagram account, which together with her husband Joel Lopez showed in an audio and video clip the process of her stay and recovery in the hospital.

“It’s been a long journey but I’m finally here.”

“I want to thank God infinitely, because despite all these years in which I suffered so much physical pain, today I can look back and give thanks.”

“I have a lot to tell you about my process, and everything that happened before I was diagnosed with #Endometriosis and #Adenomyosis, which only those of us who have experienced it know what it’s like to live with.”

“To my husband @jhoellopez01, how many times have I gone to the pharmacy looking for something to relieve my pain, thank you my life for your love, for your understanding, for those days when I could not get out of bed. And you told me to calm down, stay and rest. Thank you for participating in This process, you never left me alone and you always had words of encouragement for me, always reminding me that everything will be okay. Thank you for accompanying me, making me feel safe and not leaving me alone for a minute. I love you with all my heart.

“My doctor Jose Eugenio Colon @drendometriosis and his entire team made me see the light at the end of the tunnel, thank you for helping me have a better quality of life starting today, and for helping so many women who are overlooked or overlooked.” They were simply told, “They are crazy.”

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“To all the staff at #NorthsideHospital, what so helpful, compassionate and attentive people at all times.”

“To my family who was watching me every second, my mother @maritzagarcia3994 who said she would not leave me alone and traveled to be with me, thank you for taking care of me mom, I love you so much.”

“To those friends who have always been attentive and attentive, thank you. You know who you are.”

“To everyone who invited me, took care of me, and sent me the best energy, thank you, you are the best virtual family.”

“I’m ready to go home to continue my recovery and enjoy what I love most, my family and my work,” he added.

“I am ready for a new life, to tell my story and be able to help a lot of women. This is just the beginning, and if God brought me here it is for a purpose, I believe so.”