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Leonel: Gracias a la Constitución del 2010 hoy en día existe un Ministerio Público independiente

Lionel: Thanks to the 2010 constitution, today there is an independent public ministry

Former President of the Republic, Lionel Fernandez, thanks to his mandate, today confirmed that the Dominican Republic has an independent public ministry.

He recalled that when he came to power in 1996, Elias was appointed Attorney General by the President from an inspector in Pina. Can interfere in the activities of the Public Ministry.

He pointed out that the 2010 constitutional reform clearly established the independence of the public ministry. “Why should we change that constitution? Because we have to make a law Ministry of Independent Public Works, Read the constitution, the constitution says that the Member of Parliament is free, ”said Fernandez, referring to the questions that arose at the time when he raised the need to change the Magna Carta.

He said the public ministry school was also created with the aim of giving independence to the organization Lawyers must act according to the rulesS and with complete freedom.

“But in addition to the constitution there is also the organic law of the MP, which means that the MP will be independent of any organization or power of the state, it will not be subject,” said Fernandes, who spoke in front of hundreds of participants. At the inauguration ceremony of more than 150 lawyers from different parts of the country People’s Force.

Participated in the process Lawyers from various provinces, Mainly from the southern part of the country.

The Dominican politician acknowledged that it was a “great pleasure” to welcome these lawyers because he is also part of the country’s Bar Association.

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He also briefly explained the reason for that I study law.

“This story comes from far and wide,” Fernandez began. “As a high school student I was sitting in the living room with my grandfather and my best friend one day, and one of my closest friends, Jimmy (Sierra), was crossing the street when he crossed the street, befriending the boy because he was going to be a lawyer. My grandfather used to tell me, in fact, that friend crossing the street had a great impact on me, “said the former Dominican president.

Fernandez recalled going with him during the years he was in government, before completing this act Different lawyers in different prisons in the country.