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Lionel Messi has made a huge impact in Major League Soccer

Lionel Messi has made a huge impact in Major League Soccer

world football star, Lionel Messi He is one of the few sports figures who can say that he has won practically everything and now in Inter Miami His name continues to grow.

The Argentine has enjoyed a career full of successes and records at the football level, which is difficult to see again, but now the ten are setting new records at the media and financial levels within the national team. football League. Without a doubt, it is a signing that will bring a lot to the league.advertisements

Lionel Messi He has made such an impact within Major League Soccer that his presence within the team alone Inter Miami He has achieved amazing things, which since David Beckham’s arrival at LA Galaxy in 2007 would have been unthinkable to see again.

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Lionel Messi flourishes in the American League

Miami’s Argentine captain shirt with only 45 minutes on sale MLSStore.com It became the best-selling of 2023 and three days later it was already the most purchased in the history of the American League. At the same time, with the debut Lionel Messi In the League Cup commitment, the telecast of the said match was the most watched by the club in football League In Spanish, with a total of 1.75 million views.

And in the presence offleaIn the league, the increase in the number of spectators in stadiums remains constant. In recent seasons, annual growth of 9% has been recorded. Additionally, this indicates that the expansion of the league has been a significant investment and another is expected to be added in 2025.

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When it comes to social media, reach Lionel Messi Shoot the weight Multilateral With 5.4 million followers, nearly six times the number recorded in 2022. This increase was most notable on the TikTok and Instagram platforms, with an increase of two million and 2.2 million followers, respectively.

Good job Inter Miami

Although sports results did not accompany it Inter Miamisince they were eliminated from the postseason and possibly a title League Cup It is not seen as sufficient, from an economic standpoint it is a complete success. The franchise owners, Jorge and José Mas and former footballer David Beckham, saw attendance at the DRV PNK Stadium increase by 30% compared to the previous season.

Lionel Messi He has achieved all this in such a short time in the MLS and will certainly continue to do better in this aspect and why not another title for the franchise. Inter Miami.