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LF believes that there is a deterioration in the quality of life in the Dominican Republic |  AlMomento.net

LF believes that there is a deterioration in the quality of life in the Dominican Republic | AlMomento.net

Leonel Fernández swore allegiance to several former PRM leaders in Goyega who had joined Fuerza del Pueblo.

La Guaiga – Lionel Fernandez stressed on Saturday afternoon that we are witnessing a deterioration in the quality of life in the country. The Fuerza del Pueblo president said, “There was talk of a change, but what we’re going through is a ‘tra’ change.

As evidence of the setbacks represented by the current government, the leader of the Dominican political opposition referred to the complaint made by the newspaper Listen Diario about how the English language program was started by immersion, when he directed National Destinations, on May 19, 2005, “Today it does not work and I have fallen into complete disrepute.” .

Fernandez indicated the deterioration of this training program, while President Luis Abenader said he would introduce bilingual education into the national education system.

How can a bilingual program be offered, when the only thing that was there has been dropped. Because if this government stands out in something, it is in being ineffective in everything that exists.

He explained that due to the inefficiency of PRM, “we say in the face of change, we come back with popular power.”

In another aspect, Fernández criticized the fact that people live under house arrest in the municipal area of ​​La Guiega and in a large part of the country, due to the insecurity of the citizens.

“We are concerned that people are living under house arrest as a result of the high levels of crime recorded in this community. “Many dead bodies appear in this place,” he added.

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Referring to the municipal district of Guáyiga, he asserted that by including such important leaders as Juan de Dios Morel and Jorge Luís Ayala and their followers, victory was assured in the municipal elections.

oath of office

Hundreds of people from the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party, the Dominican Liberation Party, independent businessmen, professionals and community leaders joined the popular force.

Among those sworn in were the former director of the Guáyiga Municipal District, Juan de Dios Morel, and the former candidate for the position for the PLD, Deivi Medina. In addition, activists founding of PRM.

Also businessmen are Jacinto Garcia (Christian Pizza), Rafael Hernandez (Leche Rica), Alex Linares, Jacqueline Lopez, Eduardo Santana, Inger Alberto Renso and Hector Rodriguez.

Construction professionals Maria Ventura, Aristides Vasquez, Jose Lara, and Severino Pineda also swear by the Freedom Party.