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Leopoldo Lopez deplored that Sebin officials broke into his Caracas home, stole goods and kidnapped a security guard.

Leopoldo Lopez deplored that Sebin officials broke into his Caracas home, stole goods and kidnapped a security guard.

File photo of Venezuelan opposition figure Leopoldo Lopez (EFE / Alberto Valdés)

Venezuelan discount Leopold LopezA refugee in Spain since October 2020, Saturday, denounced on social media that officials from the Venezuelan Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin) broke into his family’s home in Caracas, stole goods and kidnapped the person responsible for guarding the house.

“In the morning hours today, a group of armed They broke into the house of my wife and children in Caracas. A pickup truck got in and out loaded with the family’s belongings, after being forced into and smashing the wall. Without any justification, SEBIN OFFICIALS kidnapped Robin Briceno, the guard who was present. At this time we do not know his whereabouts. Lopez revealed through his Twitter profile, that SEBIN maintains an illegal occupation of the property.

Leopoldo Lopez's complaint this Saturday
Leopoldo Lopez’s complaint this Saturday

The Maduro regime sentenced Leopoldo Lopez to approximately 14 years in prison by the Supreme Court of Justice for leading opposition demonstrations in 2014. He was in Ramo Verde prison. In August 2017, he was granted house arrest. Then, in 2019, he took refuge in the Spanish Embassy in Caracas and from there Move to Madridwhere live.

From exile the founder of the political party popular will He continues to confront the Chavista regime and its violations of freedom in Venezuela. Celebrate in September UN mission report Points out that dictator Nicolas Maduro is responsible for crimes against humanity in his country and questions the position expressed by the Argentine president Alberto Fernandez in the United Nations General Assembly. “When I hear Fernandez say sanctions should be lifted, I hear partner in all crimes,” he said.

File photo of Bolivarian intelligence agents (Spin)
File photo of Bolivarian intelligence agents (Spin)

The UN report details, among other things, a workflow The chain of command and the way it works From The organization that kidnapped this Saturday Robin Briceño. Despite Maduro’s power in Sebin, several witnesses interviewed by the mission confirmed that the ruling deputy and Chavismo’s second-in-command, God gave poetryHe has an important position in your organization. However, it is Maduro who has the power to appoint CEOs.

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Witnesses who spoke with the expedition said that Capello had trusting relationships with Seppen officials, especially with Gustavo Gonzalez Lopezthe current Director-General of the organization, and with him Carlos Calderon Chirinosanother senior command of the service.

According to the various cases recorded in the report, the kidnapped by Sepin were taken to their headquarters in Plaza Venezuela or to El Helicoide, an old shopping center in Caracas. It was one of their usual practices Detaining a detainee incommunicado for hours, days, or weeks. In some cases, enforced disappearances were short-lived. His whereabouts remained unknown for between one and 12 weeks. An ex-Sibin agent told the mission that the organization has it too Safe or secret homes in all states of Venezuelagenerally in remote areas, which were used as secret detention centers.

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