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Borek sends a message to the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela by appointing Antonia Origola as foreign minister

Borek sends a message to the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela by appointing Antonia Origola as foreign minister

Gabriel Borek, the president-elect of ChileAn unequivocal message of the appointment of Antonia Origola as a new Minister at the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to analysts consulted by Diario de Cuba, it is a question of drawing up a foreign policy based on human rights and democracy, which would be incompatible with the presence of dictatorships in the region. CubaAnd Nicaragua s Venezuela.

When last December boric He was elected with a clear popular mandate in favor of change and giving Chile The most important turning point once democracy is restored in that country, in DIARIO DE CUBA We expected him to be the new president He also had the opportunity to demonstrate a new approach from the left in foreign policy.

Until a few weeks ago, lawyer Antonia Origola was appointed Speaker of the House of Representatives Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) and a member of this body for several years, is undoubtedly a sign, a message, which, on the other hand, will also generate friction with a government boric In the national and regional dynamics of the left, according to the reactions that immediately generated.

Urrejola was an independent, but historically associated with the Socialist Party. She held the role of Chief of Staff José Miguel Insulza when he was in charge of Organization of American States (OAS)between 2005 and 2015.

Many organizations and activists in Venezuela remember Origola’s efforts to put the issue of human rights on the political agenda of the OAS, when Hugo Chávez was still alive and enjoying a broad international forum.

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Later as Commissioner of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the Chilean lawyer was Rapporteur of Cuba It maintained a critical position in the Western Hemisphere organization regarding the lack of freedoms on the island.

In 2021, as chairperson of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in the first directive of this all-female body, Origola raised the tone of Daniel Ortega’s regime. The political and human rights crisis in Nicaragua was one of the central flags of the presidency exercised last year by what will now be a minister.

With the appointment of Antonia Origola, former Chair of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt ChilePresident-elect Gabriel Borek He also sent a message to the dictatorships of Ortega Murillo, Maduro and Diaz-Canel,” the Nicaraguan award-winning journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro told DIARIO DE CUBA.

Banished after the persecution that weighs heavily on the Chamorro family, director trusted Ensures that the message boric You hear “loud and clear” in Managua, Caracas and Havana.

“The good summary of all the recommendations that the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights made to the state of Venezuela is that it urgently restores respect for human rights in the country,” Origola said when asked by the Chilean newspaper. third On its position on Venezuela last March.

Coinciding with the formation of his government of 14 women and ten men, as he tries to symbolize the face of “the new Chile“, boric He gave an extensive interview to the BBC in which he introduced himself in these terms: “I belong to the Chilean American libertarian socialist tradition. This is my ideological reference space. I am a democrat.”

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When asked if he agreed with the ruling remaining in Managua and Caracas, the president-elect asserted that “in the case of Nicaragua I find nothing there, and in the case of Venezuela it is an experiment that has failed to some extent and the most important evidence of its failure is the six million Venezuelans in the diaspora.”

Delete Boric to refer to Cuba In his first weeks as president-elect. It is perhaps one of the biggest points of internal friction, as the main ally of his government, the Chilean Communist Party, openly supports the Castro regime.

As an example of the difficulties encountered in situations boric At the regional ceremony, the former Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa They came out to defend the system Nicolas Maduro. “Gabriel: Have you forgotten the criminal blockade of Venezuela?” asked the former Andean president.

“Venezuela is forbidden from selling its oil!” the former Ecuadorean president said. How many Chileans would be in the ‘diaspora’ if they were forbidden to sell them copper Chile? It was like finding a drowning man in chains and saying he died because he didn’t know how to swim,” Correa responded wistfully to what the president-elect said on Twitter.

For his part, Venezuelan journalist Ewald Scharfenberg reminded that “President Borek appointed Maya, the granddaughter of Salvador Allende, as the new defense minister in Iraq. Chile. She is the daughter of Beatrice Allende. But there is another grandson of Allende, the son of Carmen Allende, Pablo Sepulveda, who was a friend of María Gabriela Chavez (daughter of Hugo Chavez) and still lives in Venezuela. ”

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This, in connection with the fact that Sepulveda also came out in defense of the Venezuelan regime after accusations boric In an extensive interview with the BBC.

“I will only add that Venezuela has a much healthier and more transparent democracy than the one in it ChileWhenever you like I can argue with you and we can discuss it, if you’re interested,” Sepulveda reprimanded. boric.

In his first speech as president-elect, in a carefully crafted and written letter, Gabriel Borek He didn’t say a single thing about what he would do Chile on matters of foreign policy. This shows that the international dimension will not be a priority for the young president. In the extensive BBC interview, the international issue was secondary.

“This will certainly not be a priority, but Borek will be sued with an unequivocal reality. Chile That will govern the emphasis on human rights and democracy must coexist, in the region, with dictatorships. Whether he remains silent or has an active policy, Borek will be questioned about what is happening too CubaNicaragua and Venezuela,” a veteran South American diplomat told Diario de Cuba of the challenges that would accompany him in foreign policy.