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Left groups seek reunification

Left groups seek reunification

Santo Domingo, d.

Yesterday, delegates from more than 15 left-wing organizations and disorganized fighters in the country began a unified reference forum for the Dominican left.

Members of the organizing committee of the event, which was held at the headquarters of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), said they expect good expectations towards the future strengthening of the Dominican left with the aim of assuming political power.

They specified that the activity was carried out under the “spirit of ardent unity, key to advancing the much-needed transformations of Dominican society, towards a political, economic, social, cultural and military government that works to bring about profound change in existing structures and institutions”. from the state.”

They stressed that only in this way can the Dominicans enjoy a quality life and development without the evils that both capitalism and its current model, neoliberalism, have today forbidden to our people.

The forum’s organizing committee is made up of Maria Luisa Nunez, Manuel Almonte, Rafael Velez, Hector Hernández and Carlos Velez-Nic, who said that the topics to be covered are the analysis of the national and international political situation, and the state of the Dominican left. , seizing power, why today the Dominican left is not an option for power? And building a unitary reference to the left.

Among the participating organizations are the Left Feminist Coordination, the Socialist Workers Movement, the Coordination for the Study and Dissemination of Marxism-Leninism, the Home for All Movement, the Socialist Revolutionary Struggle, the Riedes Political Movement, and others.