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Carina Neves Serrano wins recount of the vote for Mayor of Aguas Buenas

Carina Neves Serrano wins recount of the vote for Mayor of Aguas Buenas

He finished counting the votes in the special elections to choose the mayor of Aguas Buenas, Karina Neves Cyrano He won by 51 votes to Carlos “Junior” Apontewho was mayor of that city in the ’90s.

While Julius Jijel He secured his victory as the new mayor of Humacao with 1,827 votes. Yesterday, at the close of the special election, Jijel received 1,814 votes.

A special election was held on Sunday to fill vacancies for mayors facing federal corruption charges. After the election, Jaegel and Nevis Serrano should begin taking courses on ethics and comptroller required by electoral law to be subsequently approved by the State Elections Commission (CEE).

“Now the candidates have to take the financial controller course next Wednesday and submit the financial statements documents”said the alternate delegate of the New Progressive Party, Vanessa Santo Domingo.

Nevis Serrano won yesterday, at the conclusion of the special elections, by 58 votes. Since the difference in votes between her and Aponte was less than 100 votes, a recount was conducted and was conducted today, Monday, at the Central and Eastern European Operations Center.

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The political leader had the support of Governor Pedro Pierluisi, which caused alarm and was the topic of conversation on Sunday among voters who arrived at the five polling stations in Aguas Buenas.

The special election was necessary after former mayor Javier Garcia was forced to resign after being accused in the federal sphere of a corruption scheme in awarding contracts for solid waste collection. As part of this fraud scheme, his predecessor, the People’s Democratic Party (PPD), Luis Arroyo-Chekes, also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 24 months in prison and two years on probation.

In Humacao, former mayor Reinaldo “Ray” Neves is also facing federal corruption charges.

In the special elections, in addition to Neves Serrano and Abonte, Miguel Rodriguez, Rosa Vasquez and Efrain Ocasio participated.

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While the other candidates in Humacao were Alejandro Martinez, Jose A. Lopez Perdomo, Jose Miguel de Jesus, Nestor O. Torres Zinques and Adalberto Lopez Torres.