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Who are the presidents who will attend the Summit of the Americas?

Who are the presidents who will attend the Summit of the Americas?

(CNN Spanish) – Less than a week left until the start top of the americas And there is a question that still cannot be fully answered: Who will attend?

The presence of US leaders at the meeting organized by President Joe Biden’s government in Los Angeles has been the focus of discussions since the possible exclusion of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba from the event began.

Several presidents of the region, including Mexican Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, insisted that all countries be part of the summit and made their participation conditional on this factor.

This is what we know about who will participate and who will not.

Presidents planning to attend the Summit of the Americas

Brazil: Secretary of State Jair Bolsonaro confirmed to CNN that the president will attend the summit and hopes to have a bilateral meeting with Biden.

Canada: Justin Trudeau will participate, as can be inferred from a call he had with Biden, which, According to the White HouseThe summit rightly discussed their common goal of growth.

Chili pepper: President Jibril Borik will also participate, according to what he confirmed Advisor At a press conference, he criticized the exclusion of Maduro, Diaz-Canel and Ortega, CNN reported in Chile.

Costa Rica: “Going to the top is the right thing to do for our country,” he said. Interview with Efe President Rodrigo Chavez.

Ecuador: Guillermo Laso who met Biden recently confirmed his participation in the summit, According to a Reuters report.

Panama: Lorentezo Cortizo Confirmed in April Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who will participate in the meeting.

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Paraguay: Mario Abdo will participate in the summit. According to EEFEwhich was quoted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country that currently holds the interim presidency of Mercosur.

PeruPedro Castillo has asked Congress for permission to travel to the United States for the summit, according to an Eve report.

dominican republic: Louis Abenader confirmed his participation, according to EEFE report used by various mediaHe stressed that he respects the decision of the United States, although his country will invite all presidents when it hosts the Ibero-American summit next year.

UruguayPresident Laccal Pu referred to his participation in the summit in a recent interview with BBC, and happened To the US envoy this week, who “congratulated and thanked” the country for its “leading towards a democratic region,” according to the embassy.

in the decision-making process

Argentina: President Alberto Fernandez was one of those who spoke publicly about the need to invite all leaders to the summit and questioned their participation. However, several Local media reports They point to the fact that he will finally come.

Colombia: In March, outgoing President Evan Duque have indicated To the “wonderful opportunity” represented by the Summit of the Americas which might suggest its participation. Recently, Vice President and Secretary of State Marta Lucia Ramirez said that the issue of democracy cannot be “avoided” on the agenda, according tobut did not confirm the presence of Duke.

Those who will not (or may not) participate in the summit

Bolivia: President Louis Ars is one of those confirmed They will not participate after the United States refused to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

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Cuba: “I can assure you that I will in no way attend,” he wrote in Twitter thread is long President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who stated that “the United States government envisaged from the outset that the Summit of the Americas would not be inclusive.”

Guatemala: Alejandro Giamatti confirmed at an event that he would not participate in the summit in the United States, who criticized the recent re-election of Attorney General Consuelo Porras. “I said that and I repeat to the ambassador of that nation that this country can be that big (small), but as long as I’m president, this country is respected and its sovereignty is respected,” claimed.

HondurasChiyomara Castro is one of those who stipulated her participation at the invitation of all the presidents. “I will only attend the summit if all the nations of America without exception are invited,” he wrote in. “The best study of an American is America.” Twitter.

Mexico: President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been one of the most vocal about participation in the summit: he has repeatedly stated that if the United States excluded countries from the region, as it did with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, they would not participate.

Nicaragua: The United States did not extend an invitation to President Daniel Ortega, who had previously spoken out against the summit before confirming his exclusion. “We are not interested in being at that top,” he said.That peak does not glorify anyone… That peak is filthy, muddy“.

Venezuela: Biden government no invited To question President Nicolas Maduro, who has been frank about his absence. “In Venezuela we have a clear path: union, inclusion, diversity, democracy, and the right to build our own destiny. We reject allegations of exclusion and discrimination against peoples in the top of AmericasHe wrote about it on Twitter.

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