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Learn about the four new functions that WhatsApp will launch in 2022 |  Doctor Techno |  magazine

Learn about the four new functions that WhatsApp will launch in 2022 | Doctor Techno | magazine

The new versions of the app will bring with them a variety of improvements and new features that many are eager for. Find out what they are and how to get them.

All this year 2021 WhatsApp, One of the most important applications in Latin America, introduced a series of updates accompanied by improvements. This and more allowed the application to continue to standardize as Most used messaging app Not only in our area, but all over the world.

However, these innovations will not remain the same old news, but it will still be new next year. here they are Four new jobs confirmed by WhatsApp for 2022:

Instagram reels … on WhatsApp

The question that arose after this modernity is how they will reproduce. According to the official spokespersons, Within WhatsApp chats, it will be possible to share and play Instagram Reels without having to go into the application, Because of the communication between the networks you deal with dead: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram.

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Unlimited deletion of messages

How to know on WhatsApp when your message has been read without opening the app? Photo: Pexels

At present, the “Delete Messages for Everyone” function is only available within the first 60 minutes after sending a message, and that will be an old story, because the new update will allow messages to be deleted at any time, a feature that will protect the security and privacy of users.

Since November, WhatsApp will not work on these phones

Sign out in multi-device mode

Image of a person scanning a QR code with their cell phone to access WhatsApp Web on a laptop. Photo: Whatsapp (website)

The multi-device function is one of the newest functions In the messaging app, this It allows you to link a WhatsApp account simultaneously without having to always have a mobile phone, The new function that comes to improve this is the possibility Sign out on any device from your phone.

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Hide the contacts you want

Imagine: Pixabay

maybe One of the most anticipated jobs yet to be realized. With this option, you can hide the profile picture and the time of the last connection to specific contacts, so that only some people can see that you are online.

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When do they arrive?

They have not yet announced the official date when you can enjoy these new features. but nevertheless It will be in the first months of 2022, According to the speakers. So if you are excited about it, we recommend that you keep an eye out for new releases and updates on its download portal. (I)