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Launching of the seventh edition of research conferences in biological sciences

Launching of the seventh edition of research conferences in biological sciences

The University of Benemérita Autónoma de Zacatecas (UAZ), through the Academic Unit of Biosciences (UACB) and the Laboratory of Immunobiology, opened the seventh edition of the “Research Days in Biosciences”, which aims to provide a space for researchers to present their work and, at the same time, Encouraging students to venture into areas of research.

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From September 26 to 29, students, teachers and staff interested in research in the field of biological sciences will have the opportunity to hear from national and international researchers on various topics such as the search for valuable biomarkers, diagnostics in stroke, brucellosis, paleontology, treatments for respiratory infections, biotechnology and the microbiome. Vegetarian and others.

Among the presentations developed on the first day of activities, Specialist Lenin Pavón Romero, member of the National System of Third Level Researchers, stands out; Head of the Psychoimmunology Laboratory and Director of Neuroscience Research, who presented the presentation entitled: “Brucellosis, Post-Infection.”

The researcher explained in a clear way what the infection represents and how easy it is to contract, especially in rural areas, but at the same time he emphasized the effects that the disease causes on patients who suffer from it, as it is associated with severe depression that can affect the emotional, physical and practical development of the patient, in short.” “It will completely change the way he relates to the world around him.”

In addition, he highlighted the difficulty represented in detecting conditions such as depression in patients who have been infected with brucellosis, and the importance of specialists having the idea of ​​conducting complete studies on patients, and thus giving the option to improve significantly, explaining that if the vision of care is expanded In the medical field, the condition must be controlled faster.

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