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"La Casa de Papel": Ursula Corbero surprises Jimmy Fallon by telling him a story with Madonna |  money theft |  skip entry

“La Casa de Papel”: Ursula Corbero surprises Jimmy Fallon by telling him a story with Madonna | money theft | skip entry

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Success ““It was such a wonderful thing in the world that Ursula Corbero, one of its main characters, was invited to Jimmy Fallon’s set to talk about the final season and, by the way, tell how this fantasy changed her life in such a way that now you can even assume that He is one of his fans.

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The actress who gave life to Tokyo in the story that in English-speaking countries is known as “stealing money” surprised the comedian by telling him, in fact, so popular series that Madonna herself one day admitted that he admired her.

The story happened during a trip that the Spaniard took from Los Angeles to Madrid. The airline stopped in London and there the pop queen appeared, who, to Corbero’s surprise, immediately recognized her.

Imitating the singer’s gestures, the Spaniard said: “Madonna was making eye contact with me, and suddenly she came right up to me, and, keeping her gaze on my eyes, began to tie her shoes to my seat.”

Ursula Corbero on Jimmy Fallon Show.
Ursula Corbero on Jimmy Fallon Show.

“He said hello and I was speechless, nothing came out of my mouth. He said to me, “Excuse me, I just wanted to say hello and tell you that I am a huge fan of ‘La casa de papel’ and that Tokyo, your character, is my favorite,” Corberó said. I still couldn’t say anything then she asked me if I knew who she was. Then I finally managed to say something: “Of course I know who you are, you p … Madonna!”

The conversation was short, but it ended with the pop singer pointing out her phone number on Corberó’s. The first message from the star will not be long.

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“I got a text from her saying, darling, you forgot your passport on the seat. The hostess is with her,” said the artist, concluding with Fallon, who was fluent in English, “so I was able to come home thanks to Madonna.”


Although “La casa de papel” made Ursula Corbero known to the world, these are other roles that stood out in her career:

  • “Training” (2007)
  • “Physics or Chemistry” (2008)
  • “Isabel” (2014)

After the success of “La casa de papel”, he participated in:

The second season of the British-American series “Snatch” and “Snake Eyes”.

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