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Kimberly Luisa cheats on Juan de Dios Pantoga with video

Kimberly Luisa cheats on Juan de Dios Pantoga with video

Last video of this year Kimberly Louisa She launched strong comments on social networks, apparently because she will reveal a file deceive On her part, with another man who is not her husband Juan de Dios Pantoga.

is being Celebrities on the Internet It is known as La Lindora Mayor Kimberly Louisa, as well as for his practical jokes like her husband, although her jokes are usually harsher.

It was specifically a practical joke he told the “Recuerdo” translator, as part of the Meet the Kim 6 challenge, in which the young woman’s fans ask her to perform some challenges she has to face, one of which and as a cherry on her. the cake. It was precisely to make her husband believe in it was unfaithful.

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that it Video He shared it a day ago on his YouTube channel, and it made such an impact that it has already gotten 10,062,689 views and also 51,876 comments, we’ll share it with you right away.

It’s title: “You mentioned another ‘sleeping’ man who took on the Kim 6 | Kimberly Loaiza Challenge,” it’s 46:25 minutes, but if you want to go for the heaviest joke in the video it’s from a minute. 35 where it starts.

Kimberly had to pretend that she was talking in her sleep, and prepared everything so that the room she was in with her husband and two children at dawn was well lit, so she lifted the curtains, put the camera in front of the camera and began recording.

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As soon as she was inclined to start a joke, she began to mention “Fabian”, because her husband did not react, she decided to raise her voice a little, until Pantoja woke up, shocked by what Luisa was saying, and began to record it.

After a while and practically declaring his love for Fabian, Juan de Dios decided to confront him Kimberly LouisaHe woke her up and asked her directly who Fabian was.

Once La Cindura Mayor realized he was really upset, he decided to tell him the whole truth it was a joke, although he wasn’t too convinced in the end that he ended up laughing a bit with his clever wife.

Without a doubt this is one of the heaviest jokes Kim Luisa made to her husband, and oddly enough, this won’t be the last time we’ll see them interact, but for now we can tell you yes, because it’s the last video of 2021.