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Kevin Spacey tearfully revealed that his Baltimore home has been repossessed

Kevin Spacey tearfully revealed that his Baltimore home has been repossessed

Kevin Spacey tearfully admitted he lost his home after his sexual assault trials. Credits: X/Piers Morgan

Kevin Spacey The 64-year-old famous actor is facing foreclosure on his Baltimore home due to mounting debts. In a recent interview on the program “Piers Morgan Uncensored”Spacey explained the legal and financial difficulties he has faced since several sexual assault allegations surfaced.

The interview, the preview of which was shared on social media, shows a visibly emotional Kevin.

During the conversation, Morgan asked Spacey where he currently lives. The actor is clearly broken, lowering his head so the camera can’t see him crying.

However, his breathing and the way his face scrunched up ended up throwing him off. He replied in frustration: “Funny you ask that because my house in Baltimore is going into foreclosure this week.”. He added that his house would be auctioned off and that he should return to the city to store his belongings. Spacey has lived in Baltimore since he began filming “House of Cards” in 2012 and has lived on this particular property since 2016.

Kevin Spacey was completely depressed over the financial complications he faces from his sexual assault trials (Reuters/Susanna Ireland/File Photo)

Morgan also inquired about the reasons for the foreclosure. Golden Globe Award winner Spacey simply stated that He cannot pay his debts Although he has managed to avoid bankruptcy in the past, he admitted that he still has to cover many legal expenses.

Spacey’s financial difficulties were compounded by costs stemming from a series of sexual assault allegations that first surfaced in 2017, during the rise of the Me Too movement. These accusations greatly affected his career, leading to him being dropped from the series “House of Cards” and being removed from the movie “All the Money in the World.”

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In recent years, other people have accused Spacey of similar inappropriate behavior, and the Old Vic Theater in London even registered 20 complaints against him between 1995 and 2013. The lawsuits didn’t just mean a huge loss of money for Spacey and the roles he was playing in the film. The time he was performing. Hollywood has completely shut downWhich prevented him from appearing in front of the cameras again.

After the numerous sexual assault allegations he faced, Kevin Spacey lost a significant portion of his assets, including the possibility of continuing to work in Hollywood. Reuters/Susanna Ireland

“I lost my reputation, I lost everything in a matter of days.” The hero of the novel “American Beauty” said at the time.

During his trial in the United Kingdom in July 2023, Spacey also declared that he was “devastated” by the allegations, stating that his actions were, in his perception, “romantic” and “intimate.”

In July 2023, Spacey was acquitted of nine counts of sexual assault at Southwark Crown Court in London. However, new allegations emerged in May 2024, including statements by his estranged brother, Randy, in the docuseries. “Spacey exposed” From the discovery of the investigation.

Despite being acquitted of most charges, Kevin Spacey has once again been embroiled in controversy after the release of a documentary that again accused him of sexual abuse.

The documentary also mentioned that Kevin abused one of his assistants in the “House of Cards” series, in addition to giving scandalous details about his childhood, such as that his father abused his brother and threatened him not to say anything if he did not say anything. I wanted the abuse to extend to Kevin.

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Spacey spoke online and confirmed that he would initiate legal action against the documentary, accusing him of not giving him enough time to collect evidence proving that what was said on screen was a lie.

“Channel 4 has refused on the basis that they feel that a request to respond within 7 days to new, anonymous and unspecified allegations represents a ‘fair opportunity’ for me to refute any allegations made against me.Spacey wrote on his official X account.