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Karol G has an amazing collection of bikinis to die for

Karol G has an amazing collection of bikinis to die for

Carol J She was one of the singers who pampered her millions of fans Amazing bikini poses, the favorite dress of her boyfriend, who is also a reggaeton player. La Bichota had no qualms about creating 2023's most provocative designs.

Let's remember that the Colombian singer showed herself as she is throughout her musical career, she is a very important icon for the Latin community and knew how to deal with all kinds of comments about beauty stereotypes, even asking not to retouch her when he makes magazine covers.

With all her bikinis Wide rangetranslator of “Tusa”, “Provenza” and “Mientras curo del cora”, among other hits, boasted Belly of steel He has since transformed his life with discipline to exercise and eat healthy.

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Gorgeous bikini set from Karol G


Carol J

She gave her fans many bikini postcards in 2023.


The Pechota

We have come up with the boldest designs.



I also loved the exposed thong trend.


Successful singer

Almost too much is visible underwater in the pool.


The composer is too

She showed off her most distinctive bikini, which bears the design of the cover of her album, “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.”

Karol G: The trainer reveals the secret of her physical transformation

After the rumor of plastic surgery to lose weight… Yareshna Ayala, personal trainer for Carol Gputting an end to speculation and revelations The secret to your successful physical transformation.

“Exactly a month ago she started preparing for the tour; she is someone who respects her fans and her work very much and on this occasion, since it is a stadium, she feels she has to be the best version of herself and wants to go the extra mile. She has been disciplined like never before, largely with her diet. “This is an essential part of the result,” the coach explained.

The coach commented that it was sad that the surgeries were attributed to a woman who called on people to love themselves as they are.

Karol G appears again with a flat stomach and reveals her secret


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He added yoga to his training and nutrition Which he does every day without fail, in addition to long choreography rehearsals. Reasons for her staying away from the networks for a bit. He expressed his sadness when they talk about surgeries on a woman who constantly calls us to love us as we are.

“But also commitment and discipline. Great, fast results also come from that Focus and commitment to yourself. From the bottom of my heart, this is what you are told by a person I see striving daily to achieve the changes that everyone can see in her today! My respect to Carolina,” concluded the coach.

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