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Karol G and her sister launched a jewelry collection called “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.”

Karol G and her sister launched a jewelry collection called “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful.”

Album “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful” by the artist Carol J Continue creating artistic inspiration. More than a year after announcing a limited-edition collection of Jibbitz charms with Crocs and getting Fashion accessories store Like t-shirts, crop tops or cell phone protectors on her website, the singer has launched a new handmade jewelry collaboration.

The Colombian translator announced on social networks: “My little sister has her own handmade jewelry store, and tomorrow our collaboration called “Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful” will be released so don’t miss it,” she wrote on Monday, June 17 on their Instagram stories.

Pranks | Instagram Jessica Geraldo Navarro

Amorfa Gemz echoed the news and stated that the units are unique and unlimited and that they are available starting Tuesday on the official website. Amorphagemz.com With shipments to Latin America, the United States and Canada.

Instagram | Carol J

“I’m very happy, great content, and very grateful that there are so many people trying to buy the collection. We had a technical problem on the page due to a lot of people trying to buy but it’s been resolved now. Go buy, all the units are ready,” the businesswoman and artist’s sister said. “Enforcement.” Jessica Geraldo Navarro In an excerpt from their stories.

The collection includes five different models of necklaces made of amorphous pearls, chosen for their unique shape and natural texture, which gives the necklace a special character, according to the store’s portal. MSB Rainbow. $82. This pearl-encrusted necklace and colorful links add a lively element with the gold chain.


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“The pearl has been meticulously hand-processed into a rainbow design, its vibrant and soft colors harmoniously intertwining, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching visual effect. By wearing the pendant, you are displaying a unique and beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery,” the brand explains. This accessory or remove it according to your preference.

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