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Justin Verlander SET's stance on injuries in MLB

Justin Verlander SET's stance on injuries in MLB

Week 2 of the 2024 regular season Major League Baseball It was marked by a series of injuries that undoubtedly reflected the aspirations of some teams. The most notable cases are those of Spencer Stryder (Atlanta Braves) and Shane Bieber (Cleveland Guardians). On the other hand, other organizations received good news, such as the case Houston Astrosafter leaving rehabilitation Justin Verlander.

The 41-year-old right-hander opened the opener with Sugar land tracts cowboysthe Triple A affiliate of Astros Last Sunday, April 7, where the main thing, apart from the sporting result, was to evaluate the physical response Justin Verlander When you are exposed to more demanding workloads. Which, in principle, was a satisfactory situation.

after the game, Justin Verlander He made some comments about a series of season-ending injuries to some pitchers, as well as others who are close to returning such as Gerrit Cole (New York Yankees) and himself.

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Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros classified the injuries as an “epidemic.”

The first thing the ace mentioned Houston Astros The thing is, the game has taken a resounding turn, it's all about pitchers working to improve themselves daily and it would be easy to look for other excuses.

“I think the game has changed a lot, it would be easier to blame the shot clock, actually everything affects a little bit, the most important thing is that the shooting style has changed. Everyone is throwing the ball with the same force, spinning the ball as hard as they can… It's a sword with a sword.” Double-edged. I don't have all the answers, but when the changes to display advertising started in 2016, it brought with it the way I had to do the show… I want them to swing and miss… I don't know how we can turn the show back an hour. Likewise, this extends To the minor leagues. I just hope it doesn't take too long to solve… It's an epidemic and it will take years to solve…”He said Justin Verlander To Alexander.

Finally, the right-hander commented that each player has a different physical model, some who can throw fast and others who can throw breaking pitches without suffering major consequences. As it happens with Aroldis Chapman (Pittsburgh Pirates) and stated the same.

“Being able to throw naturally hard is a big part of it… We all have a different constitution, Aroldis and my mechanics are completely different… It's like riding a horse… Everyone has to find their own way of walking, the same thing.” That's when you throw from the mound… if it naturally leads you to being able to throw naturally hard, that's great… if not, it leads you down a different path and no matter what it is, you're probably going to seek help Later. ..but not before that.”He finished.

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Shot the clock guilty?

After what he said Justin Verlander It seems illogical to place 100% of the blame on the new method I imposed MLB To speed up the performance of shooters. Could that be a factor? Yes, although we must take into account all the wear and tear a pitcher endures from his beginnings in baseball until he reaches… Big leagues. You also have to add all the new release additions and most importantly speed. what is your opinion on the subject? We read them in the comments.