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Jurgen Klopp requests a repeat of the Tottenham-Liverpool match

Jurgen Klopp requests a repeat of the Tottenham-Liverpool match

EvieOctober 4, 2023, 08:43 ETReading: 3 minutes.

The “new” Tottenham defeats Liverpool

Luis Miguel Echegaray with analysis of Tottenham’s controversial win over the Reds.

In that match, the VAR referees failed to count Luis Diaz’s goal, after it was ruled out for offside.

yourgen clubTechnical LiverpoolRequest to repeat the match between Tottenham Hotspur And the Liverpool As a legal goal against the Colombian was cancelled Luis Diaz.

Rulers of Video Assistant Referee He failed by not conceding the goal against the Colombian, after he ruled it out for offside, in what was considered a “human error,” after the referee officiated the match. Video Assistant Referee He said “full check” without realizing that the goal had been disallowed on the pitch.

“They didn’t do it on purpose and we shouldn’t forget that. It was a clear mistake, but I think there have to be solutions. I think the match should be replayed, although that probably won’t happen.” ” He said. Club Today, Wednesday, in a press conference.

Liverpool lost in the last minute to Tottenham, but during the match the video assistant referee canceled a legitimate goal by Klopp’s team.Getty Images

the Premier League The PGMOL League Referees Association released an audio recording of what happened in the courtroom. Video Assistant Referee During the unaccounted goal Diaz.

He added: “The sound doesn’t change anything because I wasn’t too concerned about why it happened. I saw the score, I saw the goal, I saw it didn’t count.” ClubWho doesn’t want to blame the referees.

“I’m not angry with them at all. We shouldn’t go after them. They made a mistake and I’m sure they felt bad about it,” he said.

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