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Juanes le graba "La bilirrubina" en otro ritmo a Juan Luis Guerra

Juanes recorded the song “La bilirubina” with another rhythm by Juan Luis Guaira

After trying different genres of music, Joan returns to his roots with a cover album in which he pays tribute to the most influential artists of his life and career, from Joe Arroyo and Bruce Springsteen to Bob Marley and Juan Luis Guerra.

Dominican singer-songwriter recorded Another pop-rock version of Merengue “La Bellerubina”, included in “Bachata Rosa”, The fifth studio album recorded by Juan Luis Guerra and his group 4.40, was released by Karen Records on December 11, 1990.

I played a lot with the rhythms of the songs. “Belirubina” is no longer Merengue, for example, the Colombian artist told The Associated Press in an interview that aired on Friday.

His answer: “Let’s say this part of the initial idea wasn’t getting close to the original because competing with those versions, that’s impossible. Somehow I was scared. How do we make the Gardel song, for example? And what we did is get as far as we could from there, obviously.” Respect the melody and rhythm of the song and the tone of most songs.

Then he added, “I co-produced this album with Sebastian Chris (and) we made a very special dumbbell. It was like we were in school when the teacher told us ‘free drawing’, meaning do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter. And that was so cool, like freedom. Creative in being able to go bachata, reggae, bring in elements of Colombian rhythm, guitar rock, and drums. And the method for recording the album too, which, let’s say, is very subtle. Manual, organic, because here there is nothing programmed, they play. And I’m really into. Need to, too. “

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+ There are twelve songs

With 12 songs including “Volver” by Carlos Gardel, “Y nos give las ten” by Joaquin Sabina and “Can You Be Loved” by Bob Marley, Colombian rocker travels to his childhood and adolescence on “Origen,” his tenth studio album.

“I think it’s something my soul was asking for, honestly,” said Gwens in a recent interview via Zoom from Miami. “After doing many experiments with different types of music, as is the case at this point in my career and in my age, I also realize that returning to this origin was absolutely necessary.”

The album, produced by Joannes and Sebastian Chris, includes styles as diverse as Tango, Merengue, Heavy Metal, Folk, Reggae, Valentino, Pop and of course rock.

They include the singles “El amor post del amor” by Vito Baez in the rock and gospel version, and Springsteen’s classic “Dance in the Dark” as Slower People, and in Spanish.

“Origen” was released Friday under Universal Music Latin, and accompanied by a similar-name documentary on Amazon Prime, produced by José Tillán and directed by Kacho López, in which the Colombian star explains why he chose each song, and speaks to some of them. The creators (Guerra, Sabina, and Páez), or survivors (Ziggy Marley), are re-producing feature shows from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, including the Beatles’ first “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

During the AP interview, Juan, a 23-laureate Latin Grammy and two Grammys, spoke about the importance of the rock band Kraken of his native Medellin in his decision to become a musician, and recalled how he met his late compatriot Arroyo and Diomedes Diaz (from which he translated “Rebelión” and “Without measuring distances”, respectively), and explaining what his own music would be like from now on.

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