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The last love letter from Adamari Lopez to Tony Costa caused a lot of confusion

The last love letter from Adamari Lopez to Tony Costa caused a lot of confusion

No duet is perfect, not even in the movies. But if there was one he approached, it was he who formed it Adamari Lopez s Tony Costa. The declaration of separation It surprised everyone and broke the hearts of those who love and admire them.

One day after the official breakup was announced, the love writings they both had dedicated recently were scrutinized.

What attracted the attention of his followers the most was the driver for his daughter’s father on Valentine’s Day. A real declaration of love just three months ago created a lot of confusion in the networks.

The Puerto Rican actress wrote: “I love you, darling!

Three months later, the situation was completely opposite. Although they recently provided hints of spacing, especially in Ada’s fiftieth birthdayNo one had predicted the outcome. That is why many of his followers in the networks did not hesitate to show their disappointment and lack of understanding.

“I definitely don’t understand,” “then, where did this Ada happen?” , “How does a person change from one day to the next,” and “Where do I love you if it doesn’t end overnight,” some user books are still in shock.

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As often happens in these cases, everyone asks the million dollar question: What happened? The couple asked for respect, especially for their daughter Alaa, And time to see if they can solve their problems and reclaim that love.

Adamari has already spoken of a postulate A crisis between the two. A bump that many couples suffer from and it seems they left behind.

Although their love has taken a rest, it will always hold a special place in the hearts of the crowd, and he is a partner in all the difficult tests they went through together. Lots of encouragement and strength for both of you.

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