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Juan Guaidó's Strategy Julio Borges |  International

Juan Guaidó’s Strategy Julio Borges | International

Julio Borges, Speaker of the Venezuelan National Assembly, violated the Supreme Court’s sentence during a conference in Caracas in September 2019.Carlos Garcia Rollins

The interim government of Juan Guaidó, the institutional structure created in parallel to the ousting of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, is beginning to crack from within. One of its most important members, politician Julio Borges, announced this Sunday that he was abandoning the form of the protest, which turned out to be more of a problem than a solution. In other words, he called for the complete disappearance of the government itself. During his resignation, Borges said, “There is no path, no unity, no strategy.

The objectives of the internship have not been met. Guaidó received enormous international support in 2019, Which aroused internal protests in the country and put Maduro under control. However, Savismo objected. Three years later, the struggle has weakened and despite the country’s economic and social instability, Hugo Chavez’s successor seems to have twisted into power. “We have lost international support,” lamented Borges, “because there are contradictions, errors and that caused the world to put the Venezuelan case in the refrigerator.” In his view, the opposition must be rebuilt so that anti-Chavismo legitimacy is legal inside and outside Venezuela.

“The interim government was a tool to get out of the dictatorship, but this time it is a kind of decision that is distorted and managed by a caste that is there. It has become bureaucratic and no longer fulfills its function. It must disappear, ”Borges insisted. He complained that there were currently 1,600 officers and that there had been irregularities in the handling of property abroad. Just like monomers, A Paranquila-based company controlled by the opposition. He promised that the money would be managed by Guaidó’s environment. “Property management is a corruption. We need to create a foundation that is transparent. No liability, assets are used for personal purposes.

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Quito’s strategy It weakens with the departure of Borges. Guaidó has been in office for three years, with no significant improvement in two years. His vision is set for the 2024 presidential election, although it still has three long years to go. long time. The politician lived with the stagnation of his struggle with tension, which is even noticeable physically. His face is full of acne, as can be seen in his recent public appearances. The regional election on November 21, with the participation of the opposition for the first time in five years, was a way for other opposition parties to question his leadership. Like Borges, this current believes that the period of Quito, at least as interim president, is over and that the anti-Chavismo opposition must rebuild itself to present a solid alternative.

Borges confirmed that opposition parties have gone from error to error in recent years. Operation Cadion “a clown” carried out by mercenaries on a Venezuelan beach in 2020 to capture Maduro. The opponent, who lives in Colombia, has been saying all this out loud for a year and a half, but he promises he will not agree on Quito’s side. Moreover, it is worrying that he will be the interim president until Maduro steps down. “It has to become part of the problem,” he said.

With regard to elections, he feels that a golden opportunity to present a solid internal force has been lost. He acknowledged that the EU report was important in recognizing the progress that had been made in organizing the elections, and that those who opposed the regime could be reorganized. The goal of running in these elections is to run again in the national territory, not in Miami or Madrid, which is a clear alternative to Chavismo. The Maduro government has a burden of international sanctions, which greatly reduces its room for maneuvering, although for now it has been able to resist. “If we do not have the generosity to take steps to bring about radical reform in the opposition, we will be wasting time,” Borges said.

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Savismo, as the results show, has lost support, but the split in opposition and institutional control is enough to win in most regions. If the opposition does not come together again and put forward a viable alternative, this scenario could recur in the presidential election in a year or two. Guaidó, now, has the backing of the United States, a key supporter, yet his leadership is increasingly being questioned from within. Borges’ departure magnifies that fracture.

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