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This is how the Perez-Maura Spanish businessmen would have paid $ 1 million to save themselves from Guatemala prison - Prinza Libre

This is how the Perez-Maura Spanish businessmen would have paid $ 1 million to save themselves from Guatemala prison – Prinza Libre

The Pérez Maura brothers offered Juan José Suárez Messeguer $ 1 million in “economic support” to buy his peace and get rid of a bribe offered by Terminal de Contanedores Quetzal (TCQ) to former President Otto Perez. Molina offers your company the construction of the Puerto Quetzal container terminal.

Evidence proving the payment was submitted to Judge Manuel Garcia Castellோn in the Spanish National Court, which provided details on how the ship owners paid their partner not to be involved in the judicial process being followed in Guatemala.

Suárez Messeguer was a lawyer for TCQ and was imprisoned in the country for the irregular process of awarding a job in Puerto Quetzal.

The Spanish media La Información shows that Alejandra Ochoa, the wife of Suárez Messeguer, opened a bank account in the name of a company in Bulgaria with the Pérez-Maura family to pay the agreed fee.

“According to a statement from a bank account opened by Suarez Messeguer’s wife at the Tokuda Bank Advertising Bank, the newspaper had access to a document recently sent to the National Court of Bulgaria which contained access to Angel Perez-Maura Garcia. Who made two transfers from one Swiss account to the US $ 500 thousand, ”the Spanish media reported.

Transfers were made on June 4 and September 20, 2018.

Among the documents already in the possession of the judge to confirm the payment is the charter of Ultima Fiji Eot, in which the account was opened in Bulgaria, established for an “indefinite period” and with business reason. Manufacture and sale of all types of goods, provision of all types of services, provision of consulting and brokerage services, domestic and foreign trade with all types of goods and services, construction, distribution and engineering services, as well as any activity not prohibited by law ”.

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Otto Pérez Molina and Roxana Baldetti speak with their lawyers after the public ministry asked that they be implicated in the TCQ case. (Free press photo: Hemeroteca PL)


Another apparent case against the Perez-Maura brothers, including retired commissioner Jose Manuel Villerejo, is said to have received 7.5 million euros in exchange for stopping the deportation of Angel Perez-Maura to Guatemala, which was finally denied by the National Assembly in May 2018. .

The plan, drawn up by a secret agent baptized as ‘Bit’, would have received financial support from another defendant, businessman Adrian de la Zoya, to promote Guatemala’s candidacy for the presidency of former US ambassador Julio. In order to get rid of the corruption case that Lorgoria is investigating the shipping company.

This “business” closed at a meeting in New York in February 2017, which was attended by Paul Manford, the former campaign manager of former US President Donald Trump, which was recorded on audio recorded by the commissioner. Summary of the case.

* With information from La Información and La Razón newspaper