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Joselu declares himself ‘enemy’ of Kroos and hopes he retires in Spain

Joselu declares himself ‘enemy’ of Kroos and hopes he retires in Spain


It could be the last match of his career. Tony Cross be before Spainin the quarter-finals Euro 2024 Friday in Stuttgart, arouses a special feeling among the players of the Spanish team who shared the dressing room with him in real madridhow Joselu Matowho expressed his gratitude but made it clear that they expected him to “retire.”

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“Germany is a great team, and they are also very likely to win the title. Let’s hope Toni retires on Friday. It was a pleasure to play with him, he reflects everything Real Madrid is about.All club values.

“He was a teammate, a friend in the dressing room, I got a lot of advice from him, I talked to him a lot and it was a pleasure for me. He is a key player in the German team and used to play for Real Madrid.“You have to be very careful with him on Friday,” he added.

Joselu He regretted that he had to be Spain who ends a career Cross In case of elimination Germany At his home, he sent the German midfielder a message of affection.

“We have to believe in ourselves and we don’t want to hurt any player from another team, least of all Toni. I love him, I will always believe in him, but I think Friday is his last game. It’s a shame to say goodbye to Toni in this way, but hopefully we can win on Friday and it will be his last game, for us.”

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in sport, Joselu He pointed to Kroos as one of the competitors to watch closely due to his importance in building the German team’s game and being the player who starts everything offensively.

“We know about Toni’s condition and I think he is a key player for his team, but we cannot focus on him only because he Germany are a very dangerous team, especially in attack. The ball goes through them every time they have possession. “It represents the whole moment that Germany is going through and we will have to watch it especially so that they do not enjoy their game,” he said.

-Toni Kroos’s response-

German Tony Cross, Former midfielder real madridwho has already parted ways with the club, informed Spain on Wednesday, stressing that his team “has a lot to offer” and that this will not be his last match as a professional footballer.

Cross referred to in the statements Joselu On the same Wednesday that the striker participated real madrid He said he would retire from playing in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024, which will be held on Friday in Stuttgart.

“I didn’t bring you any cake. I don’t think this will be my last match and we will see each other again.“He told the press from Herzogenaurach, a town about 20 kilometres from Nuremberg, where he is preparing for the tournament.

“Cristiano Ronaldo taught us a lesson; it showed that there are difficult times and we cannot give up.”

The midfielder, of course, despite his insistence that he does not believe that it is his last game, bears in mind that he may be facing the end, even if it does not affect him.

“It’s in your head, but it’s a motivation. In the last 16, I could have been last, it didn’t bother me, it’s a big motivation for me, to extend it as much as possible, and hopefully until the end. It was my decision, and I can live with it very well. I will try to stay here until the end, and if not I will be happy without football after that. But I hope it takes a little longer.”