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Joan Laporta has finally made it clear whether or not Messi will return to Barcelona next season

Joan Laporta has finally made it clear whether or not Messi will return to Barcelona next season


Amid rumors in recent days about a possible return Leo Messi to me F.C.BAnd the Joan Laporta I came out to talk about it.

In an interview on “Tu diràs” today rac 1And the Laporta She ruled in the Liu case.

Remember it was the first Xavi Hernandez Who expressed that as long as he is a coach, the doors of the club will always remain open for the Argentine, who now plays with Paris Saint-Germain.

Then the advisor Joan LaportaAnd the Enrique Masipexplained that the return Messi The Camp Nou was not something that was impossible to achieve.

Laporta He admitted how his situation and his relationship with Leo is currently. “At the moment there is no smooth communication and I do not speak with him. There is no personal contact. He is in Paris, but I remember him fondly. If you are sad I know what is being said but I do not talk to him. I feel comments from people close to me, Barcelona attracts a lot,” said the Barcelona president. He has a beautiful family and I felt worse for the family than for him.”

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They asked again Laporta On whether it is difficult to abandon the best player in the club’s history.

“For me, it certainly wasn’t easy, but the way it happened, I thought that before the foundation was, I couldn’t put it in more danger. I think we did what we had to do.”

Do you want it again?

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finally, Laporta He had no problem answering if it was even possible Messi back to Barcelona.

“I have not received any message from Assad or those around him to return. The truth is that at this time we do not consider it. We are building a young team, together with people who have some experience to form a good symbiosis that works again. But Liu is Liu, the best player in The world, recognized too. He made it clear that he deserves respect as a player and as a human being and in the state of mind that came in he is a winner, but that’s something we haven’t thought about.” Laporta.

Other phrases:


“We have closed free players. There is a battle with LaLiga for foundation. We are waiting for your standards, which are sometimes very restrictive. There are talks with the CVC, but other money is also being talked about. Before June 30 it must be done. But the signing The great is Barcelona.”


“He’s a good player. There are good reports. He takes Deco, who we didn’t pay for.”

Haaland Mbappe

“I will stay with whoever wants to play in Barcelona, ​​with whoever has expressed a desire to come. Today no one said that. And they have to adapt to the economic inference, or I find it difficult. Under the economic conditions that are being talked about, I wouldn’t do it even if I could Do it. I didn’t see myself with the Hallands in Marbella.”

Salah Lewandowski

“They are great players. I wouldn’t need anything.”

Joao Felix

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“I love her. He’s a great player. We looked at making the change and it couldn’t be done. Atletico don’t want to give him up.”

win the spanish league

“I don’t sign to win the Europa League and be second. I want to win the league. I say it convinced, we have a team that wins it and because we got to the last stage well. With a team that is doing well and wants to win the league more than me. If we continue as we are now We will be heroes.”