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“Jimmy” Lozano Ballot: Failure

“Jimmy” Lozano Ballot: Failure

There is no way to exonerate Jaime Lozano from Mexico’s debacle against Uruguay: he made a mistake out of the lineup, with late adjustments and substitutions when they no longer had any effect.

Jaime Lozano’s distorted face as he searched for answers in a conversation with his assistant as Uruguay beat Mexico 4-0 is the perfect image of the completely exhausted coach. Unable to respond.

While on other occasions the coach is usually blamed for the Tricolor’s failures and responsibility is taken away from the players, today it is impossible to absolve Jimmy of what happened in Denver against the Uruguay team.


Lozano’s first mistake was the alignment he made with the light blue. Didn’t he know the opponent he was facing? Wasn’t he clear about his position?

It is incomprehensible that if Mexico had the opportunity to face a football power a few days before the Copa America, its coach would throw it overboard by betting on a “replacement” team to save the stars for the duel against Brazil.

It is absurd, illogical and incomprehensible. If the national team lacks something, it is time to work with the players, so when they have it, they are bound to get the most out of them and this can only be achieved through playing, especially if the opponent is very demanding.

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Football players such as goalkeeper José “Tala” Rangel, Brian Garcia, Jesús “Chiquet” Orozco, Fernando Beltran, Guillermo Martínez or Cesar “Chino” Huerta are featured, because even though they are not rookies, their portrayal and experience in the national team are Rare.

El Tri never played with the centre-back duo they introduced – Victor Guzman and Orozco – nor with their full-backs, midfielders or attack. It was a complete improvisation that was not justified even in light of the rhetoric of “renewing” the team.


Uruguay didn’t even work hard. In less than 45 minutes, they decided the match (3-0) and took their foot off the accelerator.

The amazing thing that happened with the national coach happened at half-time, because with the win and the dance, he came out to play the match with the same guys!

He had 20 players on the bench – the list is 31 – to take advantage of each other and try to at least compete and stop the humiliation he was suffering. However, his only “adjustment” was to change his position in favor of the missing “Chino” Huerta, in a move that clearly had no effect at all.

Jimmy did not decide to amend until after Uruguay’s fourth goal. Luis Romo, Carlos Rodriguez, Uriel Antuna, Julian Quinones and Alexis Vega took the field… too late.

The match was a loser in every sense of the word, and the Uruguayan team contented itself with waiting for the final whistle in an experiment that was useless given the fragility of its opponent.

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Santiago Jimenez

The exclusion of Henry Martin from the current squad has sparked controversy, but has been justified on the basis that the weight of the striker will fall on the shoulders of Santiago Jimenez, who has had two impressive seasons at Feyenoord.

Well, Lozano put him on the field in the 84th minute against the Conqueror Blues. Chaquito played five minutes, considering that the match ended in the 89th minute due to some fans storming the stadium.

The helmsman’s decision has no logic at all. Was it to save him against Brazil? Please, we have to get him playing so he can show once and for all whether or not he has the size to be a goal man for El Tri in the coming years.


In short, Jaime Lozano’s decision in the friendly match against Uruguay went from bad to worse. If there were already reasonable doubts about his ability to occupy the chair he occupies, these doubts have increased.

Failed, there is no more. Followed by Brazil and then Copa America, which could represent a disaster for the supposed project of the Mexican national team heading to the 2026 World Cup.