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“Jimmy Carter and his wife are in “final chapter” of their lives, according to grandson” |  Daily list

“Jimmy Carter and his wife are in “final chapter” of their lives, according to grandson” | Daily list

Former President of the United States Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalyn Carter The “final chapter” of their lives.According to Josh Carter, the couple’s grandson.

“It’s clear we’re in the final chapter,” Josh told People magazine. Along with explaining that even having a “landing strip” to shoot their grandparents in doesn’t make their loss any easier. However, knowing that they “lived their lives to the fullest” helps.

In February, the Carter Center announced that Jimmy, 98, the longest serving president of the United States, had decided to stop medical intervention. Enter the Wellbeing Archive “To spend the rest of the time at home with his family.” Three months later, the Carters revealed that Rosalyn was now 96 years old. Has dementia.

In 2015, treatment was carried out against the former president Cancer After a small mass was removed from his liver, it later spread to his brain, where they discovered four malignant melanomas. After treatment, doctors indicated that against all odds, she was cancer free.

In addition, he has suffered several falls in the past that have limited his mobility, such as he has in 2019. A broken hip.

His grandson commented that his grandparents now lead a peaceful life and there is always someone at home to pick them up, usually one of their children.

But even if Jimmy and Rosalyn aren’t as active as they used to be, Josh makes it clear that they’re still there and aware of what’s going on around them.

In recent months, the Carter family has worked to make peace with whatever comes next. “I will lose my grandfather before my grandmother”Josh says. “He’s on welfare, she’s not, it’s just math,” she added.

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