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At the UN, Camacho highlights Dominican R. progress against corruption |  AlMomento.net

At the UN, Camacho highlights Dominican R. progress against corruption | AlMomento.net

Wilson Camacho while participating in the conference of the UN Convention against Corruption.

Georgia (United States), December 13.- Deputy Attorney General Wilson Camacho highlighted the efforts made by the Public Ministry of the Dominican Republic to reduce corruption to its minimum manifestation and eradicate impunity.

While participating in the Tenth Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, Camacho, director of the Office of the Special Prosecutor against Administrative Corruption (PEPCA), said his country’s prosecutors are contributing to strengthening the criminal prosecution system. For a more just society.

The initiative has led to the Dominican Republic being recognized by organizations such as Transparency International, as the country has improved four points on the Corruption Perceptions Index over the past two years of measurement, he said.

A case of corruption in all its dimensions

He argued that the international community should recognize that after decades of impunity, the Caribbean nation has managed to make a breakthrough in tackling corruption in all its dimensions.

He emphasized that he had achieved this without the need to create an international commission against impunity.

The Public Ministry, with complete independence, has created a task force of more than 40 prosecutors who have formed a special committee to investigate the criminalization of corruption cases and the application of the law.

Six “Mega-Operations”

In that regard, he noted that the aforementioned team has prosecuted six mega-operations involving corrupt structures and senior political leaders and businessmen that defrauded the Dominican government of more than $700 million.

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“In the last 3 years, the public ministry has seized assets worth more than 80 million dollars,” he added.