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Jesús María Casal: “We should not think that July 28 is all or nothing”

Jesús María Casal: “We should not think that July 28 is all or nothing”

Lawyer and former president of the National Primary Commission (CNdP), Jesús María Casal, of Maracaibo, said on Friday that The elections scheduled for July 28 will be the beginning of a new phase for Venezuelans And the opportunity to begin the transfer of power in the country, but not the day when the “all or nothing” game will be played.

Casal, who participated as a special guest in the inauguration of the Volunteer Headquarters with Maria Corina and Edmundo, located at 69A Street with 15A Street, Tierra Negra Sector, expressed that the presidential elections are like presidential elections. “A great opportunity to strengthen democracyHe added: “All political offers are on the table, and everyone has the right to present their proposals and citizens have the right to draw their conclusions, evaluate and make their decision.”

During the meeting, in a press conference, he urged the participating volunteers to do so. “Continue motivating citizens to contribute to peace until we consolidate the concept of active citizenship And that on this path of peace and reconciliation, on this electoral path, we can build the Venezuela that we all dream of and to which we have a right.”

“We also understand on the other hand that the July 28 elections are elections that we should not think are all or nothing, This means that whoever wins those elections takes everything, no, because there is an institutional framework that must operate in accordance with the constitution, and therefore what will be determined is the presidency of the republic.”

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The Dean of the Faculty of Law at UCAP explained that “from now on” we must build the foundations of governance in the country, regardless of the results of the vote. “Whoever wins, you must respect the rights of others, Whoever wins, opportunities for political participation must be respected“, pointed out.

“We must think that, as of July 29, a phase will open that all Venezuelans would like to be a new phase. Regardless of our political preference, each individual will interpret how this phase can be a new one and each one will make his own decision, but There should be some possibility of a minimum understanding of the basic issues, He explained that only through these simple understandings will we be able to solve some problems more quickly and more effectively for countless reasons.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the primary elections held on October 22, which were organized by a group he heads, were able to motivate citizens to vote. “When we took over this responsibility, we noticed that people were very desperate, very unmotivated, and had no enthusiasm to participate in the electoral process, but, He did the primary work, Grain of Sand, and contributed to spreading this hope in the souls of people“, He said.