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Jennifer López.

Jennifer Lopez surprised her new narrow pants and very little short shirt to look from below

Jennifer Lopez He was caught by the paparazzi in a new pair of leggings, never seen before. But the pink shirt she decided to wear caught the attention of many, because it was so small that she looked up and down and it was not entirely clear what she was wearing under it, because it was clearly not a bra or a shirt.

Jennifer Lopez wears new leggings to the gym. /Photography by Grosby Group

With this gym outfit, JLo decided to show off her bag Diana from the luxury house of Gucci, valued at more than 3000 dollars.

We also tell you that the name Jennifer Lopez joined the case of the separation of Gerard Pique and Shakira, because the singers are joint, apparently, victims of deception. And according to the pink press, both Piqué and A Rod were unfaithful.

On the other hand, in addition to this fact, the singers decided to make a duet with Rauw Alejandro. While JLo sang “Cambia el paso” with him, Shakira sang “Te Felicito” with him, both songs that they say reflect the end of their relationship.

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