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Javier Siriani and Elisa Berstein quit "Gossip" on TV

Javier Siriani and Elisa Berstein quit “Gossip” on TV

Some users who consider themselves true fans of Gossip does not like, From the start, they suspected that he wouldn’t last long the televisionBut now it’s official that they have resigned from the position TV star to chase projects on the InternetWhere they started and where they like to be.

It seems that the TV station tried to continue the program as if nothing had happened, and published a large number of it Pictures With new drivers, but netizens did not remain silent and expressed their opinion on the matter, wondering what really happened.

Members Javier Syrian s Elisa Berstein They were asking and checking if they would come back at some point, but the truth was that they preferred to abandon the project because of the following: “It was because of what we want to do and what they are looking for as a channel. No agreement has been reached on this project.

As you’ve definitely noticed, Gossip No Like has become a franchise, they’d rather be involved in their project without having to Producer Than TV, but in Internet How did they start

They prefer to maintain their independence which is why we will not have them anymore in screens From TV, the announcer gave important reports that brought him to fame, as well as of course the huge popularity that he managed to gain through this Displays Interesting where rumors are the order of the day.

Gossip Live/Instagram

Chisme en Vivo shares its new drivers, unhappy fans.

There is no doubt that Gossip No Like will continue to give something to talk about and certainly defend her own way of doing, without fearing anything, always revealing cases as safely as possible, and of course striving to amuse her audience in her own entertaining way. than sharing the information they love the most.

Until now, users were very upset that this happened so suddenly, they are already used to being comfortably on TV, but if they want to keep in touch now, they will have to use computers or cell phone.

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