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Video: Francisca Lachapel es sorprendida en despedida de soltera

Francesca LaChapelle is surprised by her bachelorette party

Francesca LaChapelle Last Saturday I was surprised by the designer Jomari Joysu With his bachelorette party on what was considered a “crazy night”.

A video shared by Goyso shows the evening from start to finish in a compilation of everything that happened that day, from arriving at the Dominican house, to partying at night.

expert in beauty and fashion He arrived at La Chapelle’s house, where he told him that he would surprise him and would have to blindfold him. The graphic material also shows how surprised Creoles were to receive the news.

Despite that, LaChapelle continued “the game” From the Expert: The anchor drifted off and ended her day with dancing, having fun and the evening.

Cake evening It was characterized by sweets in the form of male and female members, plus he was able to watch make a sexy show, Who was greeted by the presenter of the program “Wake Up America” ​​with laughter.

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LaChapelle did not hide happiness.

It is reported that in 2018, during her vacation in Dubai, the Dominican actress and presenter Francesca LaChapelle was surprised by her lover, who asked her to be engaged and said “Yes”.

The former beauty queen shared on her Instagram how happy and grateful she was for this surprise.

“Oh my God! How wonderful you have been to me… Praise be to God! You have always known how to surprise me and fill my life with love in the most generous way! My heart is full of gratitude. Thank you for bringing the best generous man into my life, who feels so much love for you, and who takes care of me like any Another person, who supports me in everything and whom I love with all my heart.Posted by La Chapelle.

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