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Japan will send its first astronaut to the moon thanks to its historic cooperation with the United States

Japan will send its first astronaut to the moon thanks to its historic cooperation with the United States

The United States and Japan expand their cooperation in the Gateway project, as Japan provides systems vital to the success of the space mission (Reuters/Tom Brenner)

In a historic move for space exploration, Japan will join the United States on missions to the moon, the first time Japan has joined the United States. Japanese astronaut I'll step on moon. This statement was issued by the American President Joe BidenPrime Minister of the Asian country, Fumio KishidaHe highlighted the shared commitment between the two countries towards sustainable exploration of the lunar surface.

Collaboration is further highlighted with Japan Commitment to design, develop and operate a Compact rover Which will be crucial for future lunar missions.

The alliance was formalized during Kishida's visit to Washington, where the two leaders expressed enthusiasm for expanding scientific and educational ties, which now extend beyond Earth. Biden announced that “those restrictions extend to the moon,” stressing Japan’s role in future American missions within the framework of the Artemis program.

In particular, the pressurized rover provided by Japan is expected to allow astronauts to travel further and stay for longer periods on the Moon, opening new possibilities for scientific exploration and research.

The spacecraft is the centerpiece of this agreement, designed to house two astronauts for up to 30 days and facilitate the study of geographically diverse regions near the Moon's south pole. “The enclosed, pressurized spacecraft will allow astronauts to travel farther and perform science.” As stated to USA TodayWhich indicates the ambitions of the two countries to develop scientific knowledge of space.

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European press He pointed out that a pot It will ensure that the vehicle is launched towards moon It will provide two opportunities to Japanese astronauts Join missions Artemisspecifically planned Artemis VII and subsequent missions, for a useful life of about ten years.

In addition to lunar exploration, the agreement also provides for cooperation on the next generation of satellites to monitor solar energy JAXA (Solar-C) And the Dragonfly mission to a pot to Titan.

These joint efforts reflect a broader commitment to space exploration and scientific advancement. United State And Japan They will also work together on the lunar orbital station Gate, The Japanese nation will provide environmental control, life support and cargo transportation systems, underscoring the role of the Rising Sun Nation as a key collaborator in the 21st century space odyssey.

This cooperation is not only a testimony to the strengthening of relations between the two, but also represents a milestone in the history of space exploration. For the first time since 1972, a new group of astronauts is preparing to leave their mark on the moon's surface, expanding the boundaries of what humanity can achieve beyond our home planet.

Japan will contribute technology to the Gateway station (Reuters/Evelyn Hochstein)

The presence of a Japanese astronaut Between them is not only an honor, but also a reminder of the power of international cooperation in achieving common goals beyond land borders.

Anticipation for these missions grows when we think about the promising future that space cooperation between the United States and Japan could open, not only on the Moon but also beyond it, with a focus on Mars and other destinations in the solar system.

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