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Jaime Lozano responds to Emilio Azcárraga for not contacting Henry Martin

Jaime Lozano responds to Emilio Azcárraga for not contacting Henry Martin

The coach explained that Henry Martin was not called up and that he will continue to lead the Mexican national team.

Jaime Lozano He used the conference that preceded the match against Ecuador to respond and clarify many of the issues surrounding his technical management. Mexican national team Responded to Emilio AzcarragaOwner of America, absent Henry Martin In Copa America, he talked about his continuity and explained the situation of Chaco Jimenez.

America’s owner commented that he did not agree with the way they informed him Henry Martinthe top scorer of Aguilas who will not go to the CONMEBOL tournament.

“I’m not mad about them taking my players or not taking them. What bothers me, in the case of Henry (Martin“It was the way I wouldn’t say it, but the way they told him he wasn’t going, it wasn’t right,” he commented. Emilio Azcarragaowner of America, on Caliente TV.

And when he was asked, Jaime Lozano He indicated that Henry Martin He was informed that he would not be going to the Copa America by phone, like everyone else who was not on the list, because there was no time to meet him in person.

“Anyway, he was notified, he wanted to see him in person, but he couldn’t, it was a call. I spoke to him, as did four or five of my teammates. For bad news, there is no time for urgent news like this, there is no time. We looked for him, we waited until the end, so that he would not be before the game. This is bad news, there is no ideal time. I will think about it, I did it like my other teammates. Henry “He thanked me,” he admitted. Jaime LozanoTechnical Mexican national team.

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What does Jaime Lozano say about his continuity in the Mexican national team?

Technical for Mexican national team He commented that his continuity is not in his hands, so he is focusing on the match against Ecuador in which they are playing for a place in the quarter-finals of the 2024 Copa America.

“They are decisions that do not agree with me, not only in the selection, as a coach you depend a lot on the results. The decision is mine, I have to make the most of it, there are things that are not my specialty, it is up to me to give my best. He explained: “It is a process aimed at empowering players who have not played a tournament of this size before.” Jaime Lozano.